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Kurupt The Life

  • Life - Lisa Maffia
    "Yo Lisa show em a bit about your life Face Lisa I never know he would treat ya so cold faced I had to bring you a heater shes jumping windows to hide and defeat ya protecting her little girl cos shes sweeter"
  • Life - Cat Stevens
    "Life you make it what it is Love can change it with a kiss Love can take you by the hand Love can drop you where you stand But still you want to have it all You like to live it up But still you want to"
  • Life - Ricky Martin
    "Life, it's the only thing that you get for free free is what we all want to be Take a walk around the block til you see Everything you want life to be Tell your mother, beg your father Respect your sister,"
  • Life - Arapaho
    "Arapaho 1, 2 Mile From Eden Life I think I met a girl Who likes to make me happy everyday Then I bought a ring To try and make her never go away I bet there's half a million people That feel the way"
  • Life - CeCe Winans
    "Sometimes I feel I can't make it In this world on my own So hard to see my direction But you gave me something to help me be strong (chorus) You gave me joy yes you did, yes you did, yes you did You are"
  • Life - Jamelia
    "Baby I found your letter today Oh it was so beautiful Declaring your undying love So poetically But it wasnt written for me So I guess I wasnt supposed to see Although last night you were loving me Wanting"
  • Life - Buffy Musical Episode
    "BUFFY Life's a show And we all play our parts And when the music starts We open up our hearts It's alright if something's come out wrong We'll sing a happy song And you can sing along Where there's life There's"
  • Life - Aselin Debison
    "I learned alot today That you've been teachin Things that I don't want to know I had so much to say Thought I knew the answers But that seemed so long ago and I wish that there was another way That didn't"
  • Life - Fool's Garden
    "Could I find it out there If I could fall asleep now Would you stay and ease my pain ? Could you see me running ? And Would you come to my dreams ? Would you hold me just a while ? Just a while and give"
  • Life - Sophie Zelmani
    "I close my eyesSo the world stays insideAnd I decide what is trueI know you areAnd I've been to a placeThat's not that farI wish we could go nowWhere you can feel no timeWhere nothing juggles with your"

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