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  • Trust in me - Hannah Montana
    "I know you and you know meWe can be what we wanna beWe can do our best all you have to do is tryI know it seems like far awayWhen you wont be livin with your parentsBut it comes all to fastI lay at nightWith"
  • Until the end - Kittie
    "Wings spread, poisedFantly Convulsing the skyHow will I know?Bask now in this graying lightSearch for that wordSomething likened goodbyeHow will I know that they will cry? We were blessed(in this lifetime)Laid"
  • Stay till the morning - Grave Digger
    "Hey now, baby listen to mewe can't go on this waybaby try to understand medon't let our love fade awayCome on, come on, come on baby,come on, come on, don't be shyStay till the morninglet's make love tonightStay"
  • Story at three - AFI
    "Again and again they blend into one,my father the morning pushes through moonlight love.So what's sleep? Sleep.I'm tired, so tired, but it seems that there's someone here with me.We are the wakeful, wry,"
  • Armagedon - happysad
    "150 kilometrów na godzinę Wiatr w porywach Skręca karki Mewą które wydziobują oczy rybą Zagubione kutry trzeszczą Wniebogłosy nad falami Słony piach tak bezczelnie Burzy przestrzeń między nami I czyja"
  • Life is good - LaLaine
    "You walked inWhen the rest of the worldWalked outWe've always beenThere for each otherIn times of doubtI don't have to say itBut I'll say it anyways Life is goodWhen you've got a friendWho makes you smileLife"
  • Dying in the sun - Dolores O'Riordan
    "Do you rememberThe things we used to say?I feel so nervousWhen I think of yesterdayHow could I let thingsGet to me so bad?How did I let things get to me?Like dying in the sunLike dying in the sunLike dying"
  • Confusion bay - Raunchy
    "Here we are we are big cigars todayWhat can I say?We're goin fast in our cars astrayOff to confusion bayLight me up pleaseTake a big whiffCan I smoke these??Save some for meWe are liquor shots of greyand"
  • We got we - Uriah Heep
    "I got youYou got meWe are where we belongSafe placesWarm facesAll have been gone too longSky writingInvitingDisappears admist the cloudsFalse promiseThe last cold kissAll seem so distant nowJust with each"
  • Drive to the end - Slick Shoes
    "Our families were thereAnd everyone we knewWere waiting there just to see youI waited on the sideI could not believeThat we had made it this farWill you ever know how muchI love youI don't think it's possibleWill"

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