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  • The Following Chapter - Artrosis
    "Truth and deceit turned into words Waves into my story Whose sense is understood only by me My game is over Quietly the gilt is off I'll close fire under my eyelids I'll start to write the following chapter /the"
  • Desolate Ever After - Peccatum
    "All is sad, deliciously sad and the world affixes itself to the sorrow quietly, the old woman's kiss brought to mortal lips swept away swept away the kiss swept away swept away swift chill of"
  • Winter Now - Broadcast
    "Snow lies all around There's no sense of doubt You are the only one To keep me sane when all is wrong Oh my heart Waits in winter now Deep in every dream Though you're far from me There in the deepest"
  • Down River - Gravenhurst
    "The plans we made We planned in vain A waste of time Now winter's hand Made me understand You're no friend of mine So i play your game Like cornered prey I play for time And quietly You abandon me True"
  • It Takes A Woman (Reprise) - Barbra Streisand
    "It takes a woman to quietly plan To take him, to change him to her kind of man And to gently lead him Where fortune can find him And not let him know that the power behind Was that dainty woman That fragile"
  • Eventually - M2M
    "Open your eyes Undo the seem It's not like before It's not just a dream A hint of a smile As your hand touches mine No longer alone I feel them entwine Ah ah ah... Eventually I'm holding your hand You"
  • Til I see ya - Beverley Knight
    "Just one moment In the blink of an eye Did I miss it When you said your goodbye? Heaven help me There's a hole in my head 'Cause my last memories Were the words that you said Said you didn't want"
  • Rise to the Midden - Intronaut
    "Derange the scale of trust With this animated prevarication That once passed for happiness Degenerate into character The clearest of all intentions Words drawn out Unfiltered A perception Untainted by"
  • Hazy - Rosi Golan
    "I watched you sleeping quietly in my bed You dont know this now but theres some things that need to be said And its all that I can hear, Its more than I can bare What if I fall and hurt myself? Would you"
  • Purge The Poison - MARINA
    "All my friends are witches And we live in Hollywood Mystical bitches Making our won sisterhood While socjety is falling We are quietly reforming Protecting the planet Healing our won damage Quarantined"

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