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Rod Stewart - Tonight's The Night

  • Attractive Female Wanted - Rod Stewart
    "(Rod Stewart / Gary Grainger) I'm tired of buying Penthouse and Oui and Hustler It's Friday night I'm all alone still a bachelor She said she'd call me when she'd finished work Haven't heard a word all"
  • Three Time Loser - Rod Stewart
    "(Rod Stewart) Stand here ev'ry night, I'm wearin' my number, but she said wear it, touching up another fool. In a jukebox job downin' blues in her leopard-skin anklehigh boots while I'm jackin' off readin'"
  • Passion - Rod Stewart
    "(Rod Stewart / Chen, Savigar, Cregan, Grainger) Somebody somewhere In the heat of the night Looking pretty dangerous Running out of patience Tonight in the city You won't find any pity Hearts are being"
  • Muddy, Sam And Otis - Rod Stewart
    "(Rod Stewart/Kevin Savigar) Oh, yeah, I know, I know, I know I remember When I was only seventeen The bohemian poet And dosciple of the streets Or was I just a little kid Searching for identity in '63 Heard"
  • Lady Luck - Rod Stewart
    "(Rod Stewart/Jeff Golub/Kevin Savigar/Carmine Rojas) Lady Luck Here I am on time Proppin' up the bar with a glass of wine Friday night and I'm all spruced up and fine I ain't goin' nowhere Lady Luck Why"
  • Ain't Love A Bitch - Rod Stewart
    "(Rod Stewart / Gary Grainger) Been in pain and I've been in shame But ain't love a bitch I been in fights, locked away for nights But ain't love a bitch I been tailed, impaled, strung up and nailed and"
  • You Can Make Me Dance, Sing Or Anything - Rod Stewart
    "(Rod Stewart, Ron Wood, Kenny Jones, Tetsu Yamauchi, Ian McLagan) Hey baby, I wanna say somethin' to ya', listen Sometimes when I get out of my head And I say all the wrong things Sometimes I know I"
  • Young Turks - Rod Stewart
    "(Rod Stewart / Carmine Appice, Kevin Savigar, Duane Hitchings) Billy left his home with a dollar in his pocket and a head full of dreams. He said somehow, some way, it's gotta get better than this. Patti"
  • Plynth - Rod Stewart
    "(hopkins, wood, stewart) I've woken up on mornings such as this And thought exactly the same as I'm thinking now Every night for a year I've slept alone My cold damp room looks worse than me. I got a"
  • So Tired - Rod Stewart
    "(Stewart) By the time I was home I was feeling bad Never the less I go mine Straight out of bed I was feeling my head but I'm So, tired I just got to get home So, tired I just got to get home Surely"

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