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  • Goalie Goalie - Arash Nyusha Pitbull Blanco
    "Goalie Goalie Goalie Goalie /3x Don;t stop! Goalie Goalie Goalie Goalie /2x GOAL Wicked, lick it started it with a wicked Pick up the vodka la la la let’s go /2x Pop it, let me hit it with my body I’ll"
  • The Red Baron - Sabaton
    "Man and machine and nothing there in between A flying circus and a man from Prussia The sky and a plane, this man commands his domain The western front and all the way to Russia Death from above, you’re"
  • Us history - Flipsyde
    "Hustlin's in my blood my father's name is BritainHis history consisted of robbery killin' and pimpinFilthy rich and the biggest killer that you ever seenOnce I'm older I'm takin' over ima be kingI was"
  • Nautical Disaster - The Tragically Hip
    "i could make you scared if you want me to i'm not prepared, but if i have to he said, i can make you scared, it's kinda what i do if you're prepared, here's what I can put you through you're in russia"
  • Agent Green - Metal Church
    "I hold the key to the world's security Any price they'll pay to me, pay to me I see the signs, and I heed the call, no one will know me, no one at all Freedom is calling, the money's green, and to no"
  • Under Fire - Kurtis Blow
    "One for the trouble,two for the bass Check me out while I rock this place Under fire Take it higher Desire Under fire Hello party people,I'm Kurtis Blow King of the rap and a 10 years pro The ladies"
  • Fuck Them Niggaz - Pastor Troy
    "Look.. Listen here (Yuh) Yeah, I got 'em This for all them punk ass niggaz in this shit (I got 'em) If you a punk ass nigga you gon feel this in your heart (I got 'em) Fuck niggaz Mutha'fuck them niggaz I'mma"
  • Good Rockin - The Doors
    "Well I heard the news, there's good rockin' tonight Well I heard the news, there's good rockin' tonight Hold my baby tight as a pin Tonight she'll know how my mind might have been Well I heard the news,"
  • Poor Fool - Tina Turner
    "Spoken: I want to tell all of you That ain't doin nothin for me And can't do nothin for me You should tend to your business And leave mine alone Because as far as this man is concerned.... I wanna tell"
  • Love Train - The O'Jays
    "People all over the world (everybody) Join hands (join) Start a love train, love train People all over the world (all the world, now) Join hands (love ride) Start a love train (love ride), love train The"

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