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Seether Tonight

  • Tonight - Ann Winsborn
    "I dont believe Im standing on my feet again it must be real and everything will find its wayWhen the love has turned its back at me angels here theres no fear andI have to find my strength again Im sure"
  • Tonight - Basement Jaxx
    "You I see sitting waiting for me By the station near the blue vines Where we met for the first time You are free But yet you choose to be waiting While I'll be dancing in the moonlight You I see sitting"
  • Tonight - Brick & Lace
    "Wind On Me Baby, Wind On Me Wind On Me Baby, Wind On Me It's On Tonight Baby, Let Me Fill Your Appetite Let Me Feel Your Body Close To Mine I,Ll Be Sure To Give You What You Like (Promise I Will Make"
  • Tonight - Icarus
    "I Wanna Walk Down 3rd Street Slow Drive Up and Down the Coast Watching the Sunset Hang While God Puts On His Show I Want a Life Outside My Own A Stranger That Everybody Knows I Want to Kill the Ghost That"
  • Tonight - Akon
    "I remember the times we spent together On those drives We had a million questions All about our lives And when we got to New York Everything felt right I wish you were here with me Tonight I remember the"
  • Tonight - Ryan Adams
    "You're an impossible dream So when I go to bed That's all I'm doing I'm just sleeping Cocktails in the ESP Think about you to think about me I wonder -- I wanna see you tonight I wanna see you, I wanna"
  • Tonight - Marc Terenzi
    "Tonight I don't really feel that well Cause I'm standing on the corner close to hell I'm drowning in the sands of broken time I've drank more than my worth in gold wine What is left for me Paradise is"
  • Tonight - Ace Troubleshooter
    "Starry, starry night The silver beams the only light Summer breeze, summer dreams Float over me The stars frame her silhouette Beauty steals away my breath The moment will last forever Forever, forever There"
  • Tonight - Jeremy Camp
    "In this time, I know I need to be more broken, Then I find, I feel this passion grow, To face all thats been lost, Its not to late to give control now, I dont know why I wait, Youre always calling me "
  • Tonight - Second Coming
    "Enter the scene The curtain is drawn Everything is beautiful From here on I have never tasted Success quite like this Moment of truth My soul is for you I got much more than I'm supposed to I am the goodnight"

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