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Straight otta compton

  • Straight jacket - The Beatnuts
    "(Intro) BOOM! Hah, yeah Turn my mic up a little bit Here we come now, uh, uh, uh Turn my mic up, yeah, hah Here we go You know when to bring them drums in, right? He got it.... JuJu- Check it out, with"
  • Straight Ahead - Kool & The Gang
    "Girl the first time we met it took me by surprise. Oh girl you walked into my life with those street corner blues. You were living in the fast lane much to my surprise baby. But I fell for you anyway I'm"
  • Straight Work - Lady Saw
    "Dem bwoi deh fi leggo bout yah. Dem freak dere fi leave di corner. A wi nuh waan dem inna we area, caw wi nuh deal wid dat iyah. You know wha-Yo! Sey mi will give yu di ride a yuh life. fling up di"
  • Straight Loonie - Keith Murray
    "(feat. Jamal, Erick Sermon) Testin one two three! Whoa I flow rhymes wicked And bust some to keep me uplifted It flows to my braincells like from smoke I'm no joke, I make an old man croak because"
  • Scared Straight - Killer Mike
    "(Killer Mike talking on the phone) Aight... so you niggaz wanna know how a nigga is up in jail... Servin' a 40 to life sentence... For dope that wasn't even his Just sit back and listen, I'll tell you It's"
  • Straight Life - Bobby Goldsboro
    "Voo Doo Woman Bobby Goldsboro You make a rose afraid to grow. You make a wind forget to blow. You make the sun up in the sky forget to shine, And you are driving me out of my mind, now. You make a bell"
  • Straight Jacket - Angels
    "(Brewster-Eccles-Amanda Brewster) When you're on your knees in broken glass when you're stuck on speed and it goes too fast when your body lies down to sleep all the remedies in the world won't make it"
  • Straight on - 7 Seconds
    "Yeah, you do drugs, you know I don't, Yet it's a trend just 'cos I don't, Leave me be, can't you see, I hate the way it fuckin' smells. I hate the way it makes me feel. Thumbs down to all those drugs you"
  • Straight Jacket - The Adicts
    "Police pulled me in on a Saturday night Accused me of thieving and starting a fight Never did a job I swear, cops come from everywhere They're only picking on my generation They don't need any provocation Please"
  • Straight Playin' - Shaquille ONeal
    "It's hard being this good Yeah Uh Yeah I took a stand in the 90's Shook but heard turnin it The fact that Shaq could leave a cold track burnin Even though in the Tahoe My whole crew could follow I convoy"

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