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Szparap harley vs dan

  • Encore Vs Numb - Jay-Z
    "Thank you,Thank you,Thank you,You're far to kind. Now can I get an encore,do you want more Cooking raw with the Brooklyn boys So for one last time i need ya'll to roar Now what the hell are you waiting"
  • Canada vs. America - Broken Social Scene
    "Mouth's like a Cigarette hooked on a fever so devils settle down mind is a broken cliff hearts full of semen minus the breathing so throw yourself down mouths on a distant chest minus the breathing so"
  • 7 Vs. 8 - The Jesus Lizard
    "What do we owe this extreme pleasure to? Your presence is so very appreciated Let us now drop to our knees in praise and lick from between the toes of your feet may we rest with the weight of your"
  • Danger Vs. Angel - Dixie Chicks
    ""She is I am She is mean . . . but no one belives she hates . . . But No one beleives she is rude . . . but no one believes She is our mean and innocent because: No one believes She cuses . . . but no"
  • Science Vs. Romance - Rilo Kiley
    "i used to think if i could realize i'd die then i would be a lot nicer used to believe in a lot more now i just see straight ahead that's not to say i don't have good times but as for my days i spend"
  • Bis vs. rip - Canibus
    "feat. Rip the Jacker Yo, you fuckin' hate me, you fuckin' lock me in the basement And you still want me to protect you - it doesn't make since Can-I-Bitch. I supported you like a weight bench Without"
  • Tengu vs. benkei - Bennie K
    "Yeah ore ga Nagoya ga uchuu ni hokoruHentai entaateenaa shiimoneetaa daBakayarou kora hey yo Bennie K (what?)Kyou wa yacchau yo (yacchau yo)Futari matomete misosha konde yaru ze!!Now, here we goYes yes"
  • Zander Vs. Crunchy - Lemon Demon
    "Crunchy: Chimy-changa. Feel my anga' See my wrath like a cartoon manga Did you catch my drift Bambino? I'm defective as a bottle of Beano You're in my casino now Biatch! Spin the wheel and wiatch As I"
  • Me vs. me - 4Lyn
    "War! you thought i let you get away with this little thing i call my soul? you thought i tolerate your silent terror? NO! i come bakk! i come bakk! believe it or not... this means war against myself..."
  • Stomach vs. heart - Barenaked Ladies
    "In through my veins, without brains, I involuntarily take what I need, then I bleed And it comes right back to me But guts only eat And sometimes they repeat on you Keeping you on your toes or crouched"

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