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  • Suck Me Dry - Thumb
    "i'm caught up in you... you're ev'rything i ever do... the only thing i ever knew... and i can feel you through and through! its like you have a plan for me... something that's so much more than me... but"
  • Tear Run Dry - Darius
    "Lost at sea Drifting wreck Leaves my fear We move closer Warm breath on my neck Trace waves on your shoulder But I dreamt this before You left me on the ocean floor No call for help But baby I'm reaching Is"
  • Dry You Up - Wide Mouth Mason
    "It came And it went and it's gone and you're sad 'Cause you lost what you thought you had And you know that you can't get it back And now You pretend you're ok and you're glad And it's good 'cause it"
  • Dry Your Eyes - Sean Kingston
    "Mommy just dry your eyes, mommy dont you cryI know we've been through hard times and the strugglesAnd I just wanna tell you I love you(Verse 1)Only 15 put under pressureFirst month 27th day, They took"
  • Dry Your Eyes - Tenth Hour Calling
    "She looks outside her windows Staring at the city lights She wonders where her daddy is tonight She's feeling so lonely, she's about to self destruct She wonders where her God is But dry your eyes tonight Let"
  • Water Runs Dry - Cheap Sex
    "The Earth Freezes Up The Food Stops To Grow We Have Poisoned This Planet And For Years It's Died Slow. The Winters Grow Colder And Summer's Too Hot To Breathe Now Mother Earth Vomits Bringing You To Your"
  • Water Runs Dry - Babyface
    "Written by babyface (1994) Performed by boyz ii men We don't even talk anymore And we don't even know what we argue about Don't even say I love you no more 'cause sayin' how we feel is no longer allowed Some"
  • Dry Drunk Emperor - TV On The Radio
    "Baby boy Dyin' under hot desert sun Watch your colors run Did you believe the lie they told you That Christ would lead the way And in a matter of days he'd Hand us victory Did you buy the bull they sold"
  • Tears Never Dry - Stephen Simmonds
    "my only one what have I done? and where have all the good times gone how could I be so wrong? there's nowhere to hide nowhere to run we used to have so much fun there ain't no sunshine when my baby's"
  • Dry Your Tears - Mad At The World
    "This life is a series of hellos and goodbyes Ten thousand different people pass before my eyes And every day another story line begins But every night you end with lonliness again I only know too clearly"

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