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Tante muda

  • Bummer - Chapin Harry
    "Chapin Harry Portrait Gallery Bummer His mama was a midnight woman His daddy was a drifter drummer One night they put it together Nine months later came the little black bummer He was a laid back"
  • There Only Was One Choice - Chapin Harry
    "Chapin Harry Best Of Harry Chapin 2 There Only Was One Choice There's a kid out on my corner -- hear him strumming like a fool Shivering in his dungarees -- but still he's going to school His cheeks"
  • Lazy Jane - Belle & Sebastian
    "You work in the village shop Putting a poster up Dreaming of anything, dreaming of the time When you are free from all the trouble you're in In the mud, on your knees Trying hard not to please Anyone,"
  • Cut In Half Blues (version 2) - Beck
    "Beck Miscellaneous Cut In Half Blues (version 2) Some folks get their kicks steppin on ants Some folks fall for love and romance Some like to roll in the mud and laugh My baby just likes to cut people"
  • 12 Days Of A Redneck's Christmas - Christmas Songs
    "Christmas Songs Miscellaneous 12 Days Of A Redneck's Christmas On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me... Some parts to a Mustang GT. On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to"
  • Slow Dog - Belly
    "Meet him by the road There's a dog went running Picking through spit out leaves A dog won't even touch Meant to shoot that dog long ago Just can't leave that dog alone Maria carry a rifle Maria carry a"
  • Big Stompin Mama - Beck
    "Beck Miscellaneous Big Stompin Mama (now brothers and sisters,...(?) in vietnam... And i want you all to be singing while i'm Pickin up these herbs here...) Big stompin mama with a can of ? Thick gold"
  • Redrum - Celly Cel F/ Spice-1
    "Celly Cel F/ Spice-1 Miscellaneous Redrum Celly Cel: Murder One, Motherfuckrs Call it Redrum doin niggaz in and let them shells pile up from dumpin on these niggas in my motherfuckin face I breaks em"
  • Stagger Lee - Nick Cave
    "Cave Nick Miscellaneous Stagger Lee It was back in '32 when times were hard He had a Colt .45 and a deck of cards Stagger Lee He wore rat-drawn shoes and an old stetson hat Had a '28 Ford, had payments"
  • Guitar case - All
    "All Miscellaneous Guitar case ive go your picture in my guitar case. i guess that im just a hopeless case. but just in case you can call me on the telephone. you know that i will always"

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