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  • A Thousand Years - Toto
    "Day after day I feel myself slowing down What does it mean? The air has changed It's getting harder to breath Or so it would seem Sail me away to a distant shore Where everything's fine A thousand years Lost"
  • Hold The Line - Toto
    "It's not in the way that you hold me It's not in the way you say you care It's not in the way you've been treating my friends It's not in the way that you'll stay till the end It's not in the way you look"
  • St. George And The Dragon - Toto
    "Can you tell me where I might find the Hydra Is he wearing a familiar face Does he still live below Seventh Avenue With the princess dipped in lace Does he know that I'm a soldier of fortune And not a"
  • One Road - Toto
    "Time Is the enemy of a young man's dreams And I'm stranded In the heartland, or so it seems I'm hitching a ride for a chance at the good life I'll have my own place out on fifth avenue I'm leaving this"
  • Just Can't Get To You - Toto
    "I'm driving' through the rain Just to talk to you again Please don't run away this time Until I say what's on my mind Tonight I need to stay with you This time I'm not passing throught Tear down the walls"
  • Broken Machine - Toto
    "Of rags and bones. rusty old wheels on a cobblestone street. everything I own. follows me round like a ghost that won't leave me alone. even sticks and stones. can't leave a mark on this spirit Eel. have"
  • Bag O'Tales - Toto
    "It's easy to believe some people don't care. Believe a gift is to be given but never shared. When your clothes are stripped you got what you got. When you drive your car to heaven there ain't no parking"
  • Pamela - Toto
    "Side by side I'll be yours forever Yes I will Rain or shine Any kind of weather Any kind There isn't anything I wouldn't do for you Let's take what's getting old and make it new Eye to eye It's a blinding"
  • Girl Goodbye - Toto
    "Well I'm out on the road And the devil's got my soul And I'm looking for the Lord In New York City Yeah I'm out on the run Got some heat, got a gun If they don't find me soon It'll be a damn pity So"
  • Waiting For Your Love - Toto
    "Hands, don't let her go, 'cause then the midnight icy winds will blow Eyes, give every drop, this ain't the way that should have made her stop Arms, just let her know, no one fills the place she used"

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