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Vifio sex mom

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Vifio sex mom
  • Wise Guys Sex Bomb
    "Es ist mein Ausseh'n und mein Charme und Stil, aber vor allem dieser Sex-Appeal. Schau mir in die Augen, schau mir ins Gesicht, Girl, du widerstehst mir nicht. Meine Erotik ist diese pure Macht, Frauen"
  • Kevin Drew Good Sex
    "Good sex it never makes you feel hollow Good sex it never makes you feel clean Good sex its gonna get you in teh phone line Good sex its gonna get you down on the knees But I'm still breathing with you"
  • The Bill Tylko sex
    "Sadyści i masochiściHomo hetero bisexualiściWszystkich krajów łączcie sięNiech żyje wolny sexRef. Tylko sex ocali każdegoOd zepsucia moralnegoPederaści sodomiciNekrofile transwestyciGwałciciele gwałćcie"
  • Gillette Sex Tonight
    "Does anybody wanna have sex tonite Pure unadulterated sex tonite Does anybody wanna have sex tonite Pure unadulterated sex tonite Now I know what your thinkin Your thinkin.. what a slut! Yeah...Yeah...Yeah! But"
  • Apollonia Sex Shooter
    "I need you to get me off I'm your bomb getting ready to explode I need you to get me off Be your slave do anything I'm told I'm a sex shooter Shootin' love in your direction I'm a sex shooter Come on,"
  • Vibrators Sex kick
    "I want a new world, I want it with you.Want your new love, to see me through.So honey don't you stand and stare,I like your clothes and I like your hairYou're pretty messed up for only 23,So honey won't"
  • Grace Jones Sex Drive
    "Sit back, relax, enjoy the ride! Tell the boys in the bank, Put the gas in my tank, Polish your skin on my leather, In which position you rank. My car is fast, and it's big, It's one heck of a rig, It's"
  • Ultravox My Sex
    "My sex Waits for me Like a mongrel waits Downwind on a tight rope leash My sex Is a fragile acrobat Sometimes I'm a novocaine shot Sometimes I'm an automat My sex Is often solo Sometimes it short circuits"
  • Spinal Tap Sex Farm
    "Working on a sex farm Trying to raise some hard love Getting out my pitch fork Poking your hay Scratching in your henhouse Sniffing at your feedbag Slipping out your backdoor Leaving my spray Sex farm"
  • Engerica Crooked Sex
    "We are the vaccinated Bow-legged and so frustrated Got you all tied up got you all tied up I picked a prissy little missy or a catholic to give it up She would do anything! Down! Down! Down! Down! Down!"

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