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  • Up To My Neck In You - AC/DC
    "Well I've been up to my neck in trouble Up to my neck in strife Up to my neck in misery For most of my life I've been a fool And you know what a fool can do I'm telling you You came along when I needed"
  • Soul Stripper - AC/DC
    "Well I met her in the garden Underneath that old apple tree Sitting with a handful of flowers Looking as cool as can be We talked away a couple of hours Then she laid her hand on my lap Oh I thought I"
  • Night Prowler - AC/DC
    "Somewhere a clock strikes midnight And there's a full moon in the sky You hear a dog bark in the distance You hear someone's baby cry A rat runs down the alley And a chill runs down your spine Someone"
  • Washington D.C. Hospital Center Blues - Skip James
    "Yes, I was a good man But I'm's a po' man You understand In the hospital, now In Washington D.C. Ain't got nobody To see about me But I'm's a good man But I'm's a po' man You can understand All the"
  • Washington D.C. 5/91 - Ellis Paul
    "Politician and a stewardess Underneath the monuments and the moon He talked of national security She talked of Paris in June (chorus) The lucky ones if they're out tonight Can see cherry blossoms"
  • A.C.'s Alien Nation - Aaron Carter
    "A.C., A.C. Put your hands up Put your hands up Come on now Shoulda known something was up when I got up Something felt funny to me from the get up Jumped up out of the bed with my head up Guess who was"
  • Eternamente Molotov Ac - Molotov
    "Si alguna vez te her fue sin quererte Compr unos tennis para que los cuelgues Descansa en pants Unas calmadas para que le bailes Quebraditas para que te quiebres Te puedo hacer pinoles si tu quieres Eres"
  • La Flaca (Ac - Jarabe De Palo
    "En la vida conoc mujer igual a la Flaca, coral negro de la Habana, tremendsima mulata, cien libras de piel y hueso, cuarenta kilos de salsa, y en la cara dos soles, que sin palabras hablan, que sin palabras"
  • A Ponte (Ac - Lenine
    "(by Lenine & Lula Queiroga) Como que faz pra lavar a roupa? Vai na fonte, vai na fonte Como que faz pra raiar o dia? No horizonte, no horizonte Este lugar uma maravilha Mas como que faz pra sair da"
  • Armut A?ac? - Zara
    "Armut aac armut aac banda tac Armut aac armut aac banda tac Kalksn semah eylesin aneynen bac Kalksn semah eylesin aneynen bac Nenni nenni nenni nenni dost nenni nenni Nenni nenni nenni nenni has nenni"

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