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always be back

  • Always - Guilty By Association
    "Life is a journey Full of love and hate No one is satisfied With the life they generate Screaming out, For the one who can guide And I didn't know, he's always by my side *Chorus* Your always there, but"
  • Always - Breaking Benjamin
    "You got me into this i don't know when the tables will turn Coming around its something now, and i am known at the plate His only clue and i don't know it only you can defer It'll only be assummedly its"
  • Always - Comeback Kid
    "Never thought it would be this way. But this gap between us grew, we grew two separete ways. I never set out to tear this down, cause in my heart it's worth, it's worth so much more, than I could ever"
  • Always - Big Bang
    "Keu cheotnal neowa na Nuneul ddel suga eopseotji (Sesangi meomchun geot gati Sarange seodun geot gati) Eosaekhan pyojeongjocha modeunge Mame deun neo-e gyeote (Chinguga dwijugil barae Yeonini dwijugil"
  • Always - Clouds
    "I will never lie to you I will not hurt you I'll say anything That suits me at the time I'd be lying if I said I won't And I'm guilty of A thousand other sins I'll be counting even though I will I"
  • Always - Mandaryna
    "In another world, another placedont you understandIn another time, we will be oneAlwaysThere is star above uslooking over the one nightwhen you filled my heart with all your dreamsHere in a world of dangerI"
  • Always - Marc Almond
    "We find love, you and I It's a new game to play Then we tell our first lie And see a love go away And we find We're alone We rush on, you and I We don't need love at all We need thrills, we need speed And"
  • Always Always - Porter Wagoner
    "Darling will your love be mine forever always always Will you keep those vows we made together always always Will your love be as strong if my dreams should all go wrong always always Darling wil you stay"
  • Always, Always - Dolly Parton
    "Duet by Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner Writer Joyce McCord Copyright 1969 Darling, will you love me forever Always, always Will you keeps these vows we mad together Always, always Will your love be as"
  • Always in the back of my mind - Spandau Ballet
    "Oh, you're always in the back of my mind . nothing ever changes, oh, I wish to god it did just another drink and you'll be gone. 2 a.m. raining again. i saw you making faces in the river. only me, down"

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