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band of horses rockpaladt

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band of horses rockpaladt
  • Band Of Horses St. Augustine
    "Silver scents of saint augustine fire in the ground between my better teeth we're dancing on the poison in their graves at the end of the night we'd all seen better days i know you tried i know you're"
  • Band Of Horses Our Swords
    "Out on the wall sounds of banging is constant coming from your head And desperate the calls came and ringing from those wanna wring your neck Wring your neck Open your mouth sounds of breathing found it"
  • Band Of Horses Great Salt Lake
    "Back of the boat was painted wrecking ball There was country music playing but he dont like it all (?) There was whiskey bottle spilling and a lake it was made of salt Well look out back there was a note"
  • Band Of Horses The Great Salt Lake
    "Back of the boat was painted wrecking ball There was country music playing, but he don't like it at all And red fire poppin' on the rained down wood It was whiskey bottle spilling in a lake that's made"
  • Band Of Horses The End's Not Near
    "The end's not near It's here Hallelujah Spread the cheer And watch the millenarians Throw a party for a thousand years You won't see the pious praying They'll be too busy flaying All the martyrs with"
  • Band Of Horses Cigarettes, Wedding Bands
    "Working man's day wage, just piss it away Leaves it out in the weather Familiar resent times two breeds contempt Wash your hands of it forever Violence it ripped through the old dogwood fence See the"
  • Band Of Horses Knock Knock
    "Better things come to those who wait Then appearness left for all too late Greatness achieved, and darkness defeated Ram shack crew with something to prove And the truck blew up believe it You see me"
  • Dog Fashion Disco The Magical Band Of Fools
    "little green men follow us from town to town speaking in riddles of digital sound hiding in the shadow of a subway train trying to get to heaven with a worm in his brain where is the hurdy gurdy man"
  • Dan Fogelberg The Leader Of The Band
    "LEADER OF THE BAND Dan Fogelberg An only child alone and wild A cabinet maker's son His hands were meant for different work And his heart was known to none He left his home and went his lone and solitary"
  • Hank Snow Your Little Band Of Gold
    "Words & Music by C.E. Snow On the raging field of battle in a dugout dark and cold Lies a soldier in tears and wracked with pain. We gathered close beside him as our Captain said a prayer, We knew his"

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