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bialas street

  • Street Beat - Toni Basil
    "Onetwothreefour! Foot out the door, I am not a toy Shoot your rocket outer space Blast me to the void I don't need him, time to move my feet. Lips are on and they're so red Everything must move ahead Move"
  • Jazz Street - Timothy B. Schmit
    "(t. b. schmit/w. jennings/b. gaitsch) When the feeling is lost I can find it I go down to a street I know It's a place where they live to unwind it They lay back and just keep rolling Sax man steps right"
  • Dark Street - Fastball
    "When will it stop raining? When will these dark clouds go? some days I get so low, but you turn me around, you turn me around won't you come down to my dark street, and shine a light 'cause I need your"
  • Cinnamon Street - Roxette
    "Growing up on Cinnamon Street. Everywhere you look there are lots of people to meet, it's seven o'clock, the breakfast treat. Now the schoolbus is here, hurry up and grab a seat. All the dreams are tiny"
  • Beacon Street - Nanci Griffith
    "Gonna wake up crazy to the cry of the trains on Beacon Street So far from home, so far from love, so far from a friend in need And all I need is a heart to hold and a good night's sleep And all I have"
  • Swing Street - Bruce Hornsby
    "I heard you say that tonight's the night You say there's a party going on I'm in the door like an old 78 side And I hear 'em out hitting on a Coleman song My friend John with a mirror and spoon Got a"
  • Lonely Street - Guided By Voices
    "I've got to get me in a trueman's spirit On a lonely street And if you could then I knew you would In a lonely street Be there when I need you Lonely men in lonely times I need to find you Whether you"
  • 52nd street - Bruce Springsteen
    "They say it takes a lot to keep a love alive: In every heart there pumps a different beat But if we shift the rhythm into overdrive, We could generate a lot of heat ... Chorus: On 52nd Street On 52nd Street We're"
  • The street - Preshrunk
    "The flames still burning in my heart As I walk the street I grew up in Hangin out with all my friends Good and hard times that weve had Some of them are still with me Still my friends, like family No matter"
  • Street niggaz - Onyx
    "(Street niggaz!) Gettin high all the time (Street niggaz!) Fuck beef and draw the nine (Street niggaz!) Always yellin fuck the cops (Street niggaz!) We the niggaz that call the shots Street niggaz love"

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