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  • Saying Goodbye - Perry Blake
    "Always dreaming, always dreaming of you Always on my mind now As you've always been Some things are best forgotten So you can sleep The world was not enough love And baby it'll never be Just fall into"
  • The Road To Hollywood - Perry Blake
    "It's a dirty little world Full of dirty little complications And I've been kneeling at your feet I've been holding up the cross for us now And it's a sad sad sad song Yeah it's a sad sad sad song We're"
  • How Can The Knower Be Known? - Perry Blake
    "How can the knower be known John John? How can the knower be known? If it rains everyday If it rains everyday If it rains everyday Will you sink? Will you swim? Will you sink? Will you swim? Will you"
  • Ordinary Day - Perry Blake
    "Je reve de toi (I dream about you) Plus prs de moi (closer to you) I need you, I need you I need you, I need you Who loves you Who loves you Nos histoires (our stories) Nous separent (keep us apart) Je"
  • A Face In The Crowd - Perry Blake
    "Does it hurt that much to love? I sing myself a lullaby To take me through the darkest night Does it hurt to love that much? I have found and I have lost Everything I ever wanted in you. A face in the"
  • Morning Song - Perry Blake
    "I'm free now, I'm free Good morning, good morning Blue sky, blue sky I'm free now, good morning Good morning blue sky Blue sky, it's so blue Pick up the papers, put on your clothes Everything seems just"
  • Venus Of The Canyon - Perry Blake
    "Venus, here's your answer Venus, this girl's not for you And it's true she's your alibi She's your golden child. I had it all I had it all I gave it up Solitude Solitude Solitude Silent night Silent night Silent"
  • Sandriam - Perry Blake
    "Sandriam, leave on the lights Sandriam, maybe tonight Never win, never lose, never love, never listen to the wind That Ill fill every dream, every waking, every sleep, Every taste, every graze And"
  • Leave It All Behind - Perry Blake
    "Secrets in the shadows, its breaking day now A night eclipsed by sadness makes its way now Shine, shine, leave it all behind Let it go Shine, shine, leave it all behind Let it go Rising in the twilight,"
  • No Lullabies - Perry Blake
    "North star shining on you April pretends to be June Calm seas swallowing Lives Of those too young to die No lullabies to sing you to sleep As if he died, a soul they could keep Awakening! Awakening! Awakening!"

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