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delirium blagam wroc

  • Attak Reload - KMFDM
    "Watching you Floodlights seal your fate Shallow breath Quick pulse Navigate All this waiting, waiting Contemplating you Pure adrenaline emergency You've been searching for signs now the truth has Arrived State"
  • Hamulce - Spinache
    "Dziś puszczamy hamulce Dziś puszczamy hamulce Roznosi nas adrenaliny ruch w każdej komórce Dziś puszczamy hamulce Dziś puszczamy hamulce Dziś puszczamy hamulce Roznosi nas adrenaliny ruch w każdej komórce Dziś"
  • Lysergia - Velvet Acid Christ
    "Acid dreams and nicotine Violent screams from a mezzanine Seems to keep on propelling me Head first into a nightmare scene Through too many seamless nights When time to sleep is time for light Putting"
  • Panic Attack - Dream Theater
    "All wound up On the edge Terrified Sleep disturbed Restless mind Petrified Bouts of fear Permeate All I see Heightening Nervousness Threatens me I am paralyzed So afraid to die Caught off guard Warning"
  • Wracaj do szko - DKA DonKilla
    "1. Mam już dosyc tych gimbusow już dosyc tego buntu, Mam już dosyc tego kultu, Neo dzieci, neo kundlu Mama tato dali fona, super dla nich piona Dali kompa, dali siec a w necie fora Maja łotra w domu,"
  • L.U.C jak dziadek w kiosku (cale życie w ruchu) - L.U.C.
    "Mam dom ale go mam w tygodniu na dwa dni Kocham go bywam tam jak narkoman w poradni Random mota mi dni jak numerek w szatni Znam to jak pijak, stabilizacji brak mi Dyktando kalendarza, który trzyma w matni Mam"
  • 418 - Unwritten Law
    "the lights in the skies sleepin in time a fictional reality so prime since I was a child and looked to in the sky I've looked above the earth for all answered why? which that were to be made me"
  • Home - Zero 7
    "Lost in cheap delirium Searching the neon lights I move carefully Sink in the city aquarium Sing in the key of night As they're watching me Take me somewhere we can be alone Make me somewhere I can call"
  • Vampire sun - Cathedral
    "Skull of god with the devils eyes Crowned in fire sodden sky Beaming rays of genocide Into virtues magic lie Illusive myth of light enslaves you Vampire sun it drains youBeg the sword for libertyFall before"
  • The Dance Of The Little Ones - Tuatha De Danann
    "Far beyond our closed reality Live the little ones who dance praising the wine Eating, drinking, singing they twist and shout Look away for the fairy people's undergroud Looking for happiness, they love"

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