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  • So Serious - ELO
    "Night after night I try to make it all fit together Night after night I see you as someone I remember. You took me by surprise Opened up my eyes Now we gotta talk this over. Can it really be so serious? To"
  • Getting To The Point - ELO
    "It's out of control (out of control) And there's nothing I can do now Out of control (out of control) Spinning softly through the blue now And look beyond these walls As the meaning starts to dawn It's"
  • Across The Border - ELO
    "(I've been workin' so hard, baby, Tryin' to get to you. I'm gonna be there soon, Because...) In the heat of the day, Many miles away When the sun is beating down Upon the main street, I'll be waitin'"
  • Night In The City - ELO
    "Standin' at the airport Lookin' down the strip She was dryin' her eyes, She was bitin' her lip Seven-four-seven just left from Gate Eleven And there's no turnin' 'round 'Cause it's just leavin' the ground And"
  • Starlight - ELO
    "(Starlight callin', Callin', callin') Starlight, I hear you Callin' out to me (I hear you callin', callin', callin', callin'). Sweet love, rollin' Across my mind again (You roll across my mind). I want"
  • Secret Lives - ELO
    "I don't know, I don't know what's on your mind I thought everything was fine, But it was my surprise. I don't know, I don't know what's going on Something surely must be wrong, You're living secret lives. Living"
  • Is It Alright - ELO
    "Dear Jo, Don't know where to begin, so I'll just hello Dear Jo, Is it so much better now you're on your own? (Is it alright) you never believed in yourself (Is it alright) now that you're free, does it"
  • Sorrow About To Fall - ELO
    "There's a silence in the city There's nobody around And everyone that we knew Moved to higher ground. There's a shadow hanging overhead It lingers there alone Changing all we ever knew The changes start"
  • Without Someone - ELO
    "I watch the cars move I watch the lights up on the window I walk along the street I'm only thinking of you I watch the clock staring from the wall It hardly moves at all It's you I'm waiting for. Without"
  • Beatles Forever - ELO
    "Beatles forever There's something about a Beatles' song, that lives forever more The beauty of the harmonies, the sound of the Fab Four All their music will live on and on, John 'n' Paul, George and Ringo They"

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