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ginny come leatly

  • Come On - Prince
    "Like dat? We can do this all night. I know U got a young man U don't care about me He's darker than quicksand He's taller than a tree What U need is some real lovin' 'Stead of these young ass fools I"
  • Come Out - Marc Almond
    "Hey handsome you Il take a guess Youe sitting pretty But an awful mess Alone on earth Unwanted guest An ugly duckling In a peacocks nest Come out Come out Stop hiding in your shell And dream aloud Come"
  • Come On - Wishbone Ash
    "Everything is wrong since me and my baby parted, All day long I'm walkin', 'cause I can't get my car started. Laid off from my job, and I can't afford to check it - I wish someone would come along right"
  • Come Running - Van Morrison
    "By the side of the tracks where the train goes by The wind and the rain will catch you, you will sigh Deep in your heart Then you'll come a-running to me You'll come a-running to me Well you watch the"
  • Come On - Badfinger
    "Many times you've never known the way it feels Many times you never let it show All the people all around never telling nobody All the people all around never telling a soul So, come on, let me hold you"
  • Come On - Whitesnake
    "I dont go looking for trouble, Its always coming my way, But, Ive been looking for you, And like the summer sun, you welcome my day. So come on, come on, And give your man some rock n roll, And get"
  • Kingdom Come - Sir Lord Baltimore
    "I hear sirens calling me I fell prey unto the wind Sail on, crimson majesty Turn, turn, wheel of fortune, spin Until my kingdom come And then my will be done Tired voyage on the brink Eyes want only"
  • Come Around - Ephemera
    "Here is my plan I will send - you to the moon and back again You shall bring - all the things - you collect back to me Build a ship - for a trip Around the world to give me diamonds and pearls You are"
  • Come Alive - Helloween
    "Yeah, bring it on, all right It dont get better if youre locked behind your door It dont get better if youre hiding more and more It may get better if you fight It may get better if youd wear a mask and"
  • Come alive - Diamond Head
    "They want to break me, kill me for my crownIt's just a fact of life, when your up they tear you downPut me in a dirty deep hole, with a lid to stop the airBut I've come to life again with this hate I've"

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