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  • Go - Pat Benatar
    "You say you'll always be there but I know you won't You say you love me, you swear but I know you don't I got better things I can do, you know Than waste all of my time on you why don't you just go You"
  • Go - The Chemical Brothers
    "Can't think, can't sleep, can't breathe Can't think, can't... Everything gettin' harder to find Everybody jumpin' out of they mind Everybody going out of they skins See we get to the end but that's where"
  • Go - Newsboys
    "Everybody needs somebody To rely on (to rely on, realize) Everybody needs somebody's Shoulder to cry on (just to cry on, realize) Are you gonna lend a hand, And assist? (I wanna send you there) GO... FROM"
  • Go - Shakespear's Sister
    "Bitterness becomes you It goes well with your hair Just like your sister's earrings Or that funny little shirt you wear Now you're holding parties For the ghosts of a Burgess page Connoisseur, butterfly"
  • Go - Further Seems Forever
    "This is the last time I'll try to reach you And my guess is you'll just ignore it, just ignore me Without a passing glance, without the slightest sigh Without moving your hands, without the softest cry"
  • Go! - Maeckes Und Plan B
    "Go,Go,Go...Gogo Gadget-o-Rap Es verging ne lange Zeit (bis genau zu diesem Tag) doch wir warn noch nicht bereit (bis genau zu diesem Tag) und wir haben dran gefeilt (bis genau zu diesem Tag) doch heut"
  • Go - Nasum
    "Tired of all negativity You're bored and uninspired The time is here, the time is now So very tired of all this rotten shit Grasp the vision in your dreams Turn the page, free your mind Of the shit that"
  • Go - Steriogram
    "You grew up in this country town I'm stuck out here it's been forever Where doing nothing is allowed And all my friends just say whatever Once you're here You're here to stay Your life is made up Got no"
  • Go - Angie Martinez
    "(Angie:)What's this?(Unfolding of letter)(Angie and the guy:)Dear Angie(Guy:)I know we've beenTogether a long time booBut I'm writingThis letter 'causeI really couldn't face you likeIt's kinda illI gotta"
  • Go - Zebrahead
    "I never wanted to go I never wanted a way A way to see it, believe it I know that you're not leaving today Caught in a trap of routine Caught in a shitty old scene I'll tell you a secret I need"

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