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  • Mini Bar Blues - Fun Lovin' Criminals
    "Now everyone is goin' out, but I'm stayin' in You see I gotta nurse my lonely heart, with the mini bar gin It's not that my baby is mad at me, no, for doin' something wrong It's just that I'm so far, far"
  • O'Malley's Bar (Reprise) - Nick Cave
    "I am tall and I am thin Of an enviable hight And I've been known to be quite handsome In a certain angle and in certain light Well I entered into O'Malley's Said, "O'Malley I have a thirst" O'Malley"
  • At The Bar - T.I.
    "Bartender I really did it this time broke my parole to have a good time when i got home it was 6 A.M. the door was locked so I kicked it in she was trippin on the bills, I think she was high on some pills she"
  • Kiss Me Bar - Alamo Race Track
    "There's a button switched off That once was switched on Had a story once close at hand There ain't no love and no romance Loves you then the bullets they will ricochet I'll meet you down in Paris at the"
  • One More Bar - Canibus
    "Don't you spit 'One More Bar', once barred You may not stand for ten years or more are you sure? Climbing the pyramid two blocks at a time 'Til I'm face to face with Optimus Prime 'Bar War' rap in the"
  • Leap Your Bar - John Frusciante
    "Hannah go leap your bar This is how right you are I'm in a way it seems people are cold and mean In the valleys noon the things that i can find Nothing simple soon This stitches I can time I was so bad Endless"
  • Bar Mleczny Korova - Myslovitz
    "Praca, szkoła, śmierć, zaraz wpadnę w szał Obrzydliwy dzień, nie wytrzymam tak Czuję się, jak śmierć, jak nic, jak nikt, bez szans Jestem jakoś tak, jak coś na prąd Wreszcie matka noc, Korova mleczny"
  • Korova Milky Bar - Myslovitz
    "School and work and death I'll go frantic soon Such an ugly day I can't stand no more And I feel like scum No worth No luck No chance I'm just something like A mains device Mother Night, at"
  • Old City Bar - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
    "In an old city bar That is never too far From the places that gather The dreams that have been In the safety of night With its old neon light It beckons to strangers And they always come in And the snow"
  • Howard's Toad Bar - White Kaps
    "it's actually pretty hidden pal if you didn't know it was there you wouldn't know it was there some people couldn't find it if it was up their ass can't have just one, have just one can't have just"

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