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minta bocoran ekor fajar pakotuk malam ini

  • Sleepless nights - Pearl Jam
    "Through these sleepless nightsi cry for youAnd wonder whois kissing youOh these sleepless nightsWill break my heart in twoSomehow through the daysI don't give inI hide the tearsThat wait withinOh but then"
  • Buffy - Michelle Branch
    "Of all the things i've believed inI just wanna get it over withTears form behind my eyesBut I do not cryCounting the days that pass me byIve been searching deep down in my soulWords that Im hearingAre"
  • You never get what you want - Patty Griffin
    "You first found me in my holding penStopped to take a look and stuck your finger inI bit one off and you came back again and againThen the nice people let me out one dayAnd you told me how to act and What"
  • Trapped in toyland - Mr.Big
    "20 long years ridin' somebody's coattailsWatch the vermin go by thru a heavy coat of chain mailSo ya wanna change the world out ya still can't decideThey can take away the cash out a fool's got his prideEveryone"
  • Super xero - Maroon 5
    "What do I do to ignore what's behind me?Do I follow my fate to escape blindly?Do I hide my pride from these bad dreamsAnd give in to sad thoughts that are maddening?Do I let it go and try to stand it?Or"
  • New York City - Mason Jennings
    "New York City, you're so prettyAll your faces, going placesAnd i believe if you fall in loveI believe if you fall in loveYou should jump right inAlways going, faster modemCell phone fables, candle-lit"
  • 12/8 Time - Mason Jennings
    "12/8 time seemed to her to be some sort ofLife of crimeWith the handcuffs and the billy clubsComing down on meShe said rock 'n roll don't give her nothingBut bad dreamsSo she planned my funeral and left"
  • Independent women - Michelle Williams
    "Question: Tell me what you think about meI buy my own diamonds and I buy my own ringsOnly ring your cell-y when I'm feelin lonelyWhen it's all over please get up and leaveQuestion: Tell me how you feel"
  • Gloomy - Matt Costa
    "In the summertime the sun don't shineIn the town we live inI went around but still no soundIn the town and all around it's gloomyDoo dooOh it's rain or shine so make up your mindIn the town we liveI went"
  • Hollywood - Patti LaBelle
    "Have you got a minute, my friend?Though I'd drop inSay a word or twoTo youIt won't take longSoon you'll be goneAnd on your wayYes, I know you're gonna doWhat you want to anywayAnd I don't know if I shouldBut"

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