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miush kolka słow

  • Slow Drag - Fastball
    "Slow drag off a cigarette Slow drag and I'm lying in my bed All the world is sleeping like a baby tonight I wanna lay you down In the ground, alright. Slow drag and I can't get up now Slow drag. You've"
  • Slow Down - Jebediah
    "Slow down, I can't understand a word Please repeat yourself again That you've said to me just then I know, thinmgs have got a little rough But there's worse things that could be Sometimes, you have"
  • Slow motion - Paul King
    "(So) Nobody's better than anybody else you can use me child but don't confuse yourself can't separate my body from the mood I'm in I see things coming but I ain't rushing in I want slow motion I just want"
  • Slow motion - Modern Talking
    "My tears will never dry Behind my painted smile You are the nearest thing to heaven, girl This world is not my home Love in a danger zone Some hearts are better left unbroken, girl Slowmotion, baby Hold"
  • Bez Słów - Ela Stasiuk
    "Obok siebie wiemy coraz mniej Słońca dwa osobno budzą się Bez wyjaśnień mija jakoś dzień Ma zamknięte w sobie tajemnice dwie Wiem że czasem słów w powietrzu brak Nie mów do mnie więc Niech chwila trwa Słucham"
  • Uncomfortably Slow - Newton Faulkner
    "Travelling again I know exactly how it's gonna end The routine daydream starts to sock it off I'm holding up the queue 'Cause my ticket won't go through I know it should be simple but it's not So don't"
  • Slow Dance - Framing Hanley
    "Pardon me for saying I was afraid She'd never give me the time of day If love is a slow dance I just hope for one chance I hope time could stop It's hard for me to breathe She's really walking over here"
  • Slow Kill - Impellitteri
    "In the papers I read how they found her On her face was the look of death In this house from hell In the papers I read how they had found her On her face was the look of death, a forgotten prisoner"
  • Slow Down - Alejandro Escovedo
    "Let me take your hand There's something I wanna show you Close your eyes and you can hear The music in the wind Out on the pier That's the Ike and Tina Soul Review I don't know what this means to you But"
  • Slow Poke - April Wine
    "April Wine Live At The El Mocambo Slow Poke (myles goodwyn) Published by slalom publishing co. - bmi I got somethin' to keep you satisfied So won't you excuse me, while i slip inside I ain't gonna rush"

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