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mlode wilki 6

  • 6 String Belief - Son Volt
    "Written about to death Around for another breath The cops will run The masses will flow Killed by consolidation Killed by saturation The underground will correct With reaction rebellion Rock and roll"
  • Micah 6:8 - Charlie Hall
    "You could feed the whole world with the crumbs of old bread Spread the good news through dreams and stones With a breath of Your wind You could raise up the dead But You ask us to go Help us love mercy Help"
  • 11 Y 6 - Fito Paez
    "En un caf se vieron por casualidad cansados en el alma de tanto andar, ella tena un clavel en la mano. El se acercó, le preguntó si andaba bien llegaba a la ventana en puntas de pie, y la llevo a caminar"
  • Song Number 6 - Freak Power
    "It's alright It's all over They were only joking Come on home to daddy Come on come on, lay your head Let the cares of the world flowed away Remember that tomorrow, we can look at yesterday All those"
  • 6 To 8 - AFI
    "Six figures enter, they've come to destroy the world. They've called together this storm almost every night. And I awake in another place. A familiar voice with a stranger's face speaks, (I awake in another"
  • 36 i 6 - Janusz Radek
    "Znów normalnie, znowu stanZaleczonych pięknie ranJuż nie razi słońca blaskSerce chłodne niby głazBo gorączka mija w nasTeraz trzeba będzie znieśćZnów 36 i 6Porachować pare bliznZrobić plan następnych dniI"
  • 5, 6, 3 - Joe
    "Y'all ready Uh, uh, uh, uh Yeah, yeah, yeah Hmm, oh yeah, oh yeah, yeah, yeah Hmm, hmm Smoking with the homies That's all he do Always hanging out Losing money playing see low Every night out at the Go-Go"
  • 6 to 8 - A Fire Inside
    "Six figures enter;they've come to destroy the world.They've called together this storm almost every night.I awake in another place.A familiar voice with a stranger's face speaksmore unheard words.What"
  • 6 Cme sens - Amine
    "On a toujours vu le ciel depuis quon est nCet homme est aveugle, lui ne la jamais vuAussi bleu ou gris que les beaux ou mauvais joursPourtant lui sait plus que toi cqui est davoir..Et face au temps, et"
  • 6 Feet under - Ana Johnsson
    "You just left me six feet under ground I'm burning at the sight of the light I'm down here six feet under buryed alive, with one open eye Every time you come around you leave me broken What have I done"

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