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Teksty piosenek (1953)

model tokhing

  • One Bullet - New Model Army
    "In a ring of men, with money changing hands All the gypsy kings, they were gathered from miles around I was tapped on the shoulder, stripped to the waist But I was quick, quicker than all of them I watched"
  • Rainy Night 65 - New Model Army
    "It's a silent scream in rain town How far have we fallen now? And the rain come, wash away The promised land that is here to stay We came back, things left undone Like uncut stone And little breathes and"
  • Refugee - New Model Army
    "My room is dark, and very small; there's a place to wash at the end of the hall. I hear strange languages through the wall, I hear them shouting in the street below. I listen now to anything, anything"
  • Song To The Men Of England - New Model Army
    "Men of England, wherefore plough For the Lords who lay you low? Wherefore weave with toil and care The rich robes your tyrants wear? Wherefore feed and clothe and save From the cradle to the grave Those"
  • Still Here - New Model Army
    "Hey there Matthew Hopkins, are you listening to us - we're still here Boodstone, Tiger's Eye, whet the hell - we're still here The dreaming Earth's moving in your sleep - it's all real And everything you"
  • No Mans Land - New Model Army
    "You say that you'd rather be really poor Than scratching, saving, scrimping all the pennies Looking in the windows at what you can't afford Always hungry, never starving In no man's land the days are long You"
  • Sunset - New Model Army
    "Coming in at night all the desert highways Crackle with the static of a thousand little radios Everyone talking, no-one listening Well by now I should expect that Down into the city I smell artificial"
  • Tales Of The Road - New Model Army
    "The caravan flipped over two, three times Went spinning down the carriageway Breaking up into splinters Wheels turning around in the dust at the foot of the hill And all the old clothes, the pots and pans"
  • Trees In Winter - New Model Army
    "All rise for the king in all his rage and glory All kneel for the queen - her secret silver whisper Across the snowbound fields, slowly the sad procession moves And we follow them down into the cold, cold"
  • Turn Away - New Model Army
    "The candle flickers and the shadows move distorted on the wall There's a wire slowly stretching And now you ask him all the questions, the same ones as before But you know that he is lying And with your"

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