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  • Billy A Dick - A Bad Goodbye
    "Every night while I'm undressin', sayin' my prayers and lightly confessin', I can hear hot licks from a set of drums upstairs. Well, it couldn't be Johnny 'cause he isn't there; Johnny's overseas. We"
  • Hloupy A Ztraceny - Mnaga A Zdorp
    "jsem hloupy a ztraceny necele dva metry nad zemi vzdycky budu mimo to ti reknu primo jsme hloupi a ztraceni buhviproc stastni no to jsme celi my jsem slaby a bezmocny tisice let se motam po Zemi vzdycky"
  • A Ty Tam - Mnaga A Zdorp
    "Ukryti spolu v zahrade noci mluvili jsme prekotne jeden pres druheho a zjistovali s udivem, ze slova zapadaji presne do sebe a byli z toho na vetvi a ruku v ruce jsme se pak courali domu a usnuli stastni"
  • Invite A Coroner - A Global Threat
    "no one's a gas like the living dead set to mate their own brain and lead pull you past your breaking point smile's sinister, hear their creaking joints carry on when i'm gone say you want a little fun a"
  • A New Hope - Amboog-A-Lard
    "A boy alone in his mind he looks to the sky. His home, the desert, this life to him a lie. Not knowing tomorrow, or what he will face, Led by a droid across the Jundland waste!! A wizard old man, a myth"
  • Leave a message - A Day Away
    "Like Miss America trying to live her dreamShe's just another teenage drama queenAnd I'm just a boy that's stuck at homeI'll slip this note into your locker, reply yes or noLook at the time, c'mon baby"
  • A Paycheck Away - Philip A. Levens
    "I have lain with the widow that lives in the valley She lives in the valley three rivers away And I ride to the widow that lives in the valley She stays in the valley three rivers away Laid to rest in"
  • A Passing Wish - A Burning Water
    "The night is warm as I lie asleep a life is lost when they broke in and the air is cold and my skin is bare the door swings open as i fight for life my hands are locked and my eyes are blind and this frigid"
  • A single second - A Fire Inside
    "Oh my godMy god this can't be happeningGod tell me, tell me this isn't realI can't believe all that I have forseen is finally happeningI cannot for a single second stand the way I feelI always knew, I"
  • Realizations a bitch - A Heartwell Ending
    "God your face is so persuasiveLets just face this because I can barely even hold on never thought that I'd be here for longSo baby why don't you live it up live it up live it up now slit your wrists baby"

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