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  • World's Most Dangerous - Ja Rule
    "Uh, uh, uh, yeah, uh, uh I could see it in your eyes Ya'll niggas is scared of us Declarin' us the world's most dangerous You don't wanna see me rise Because when we get high we get 'em Should"
  • Amerikkka's most wanted - Ice Cube
    "Ice Cube with The Lench Mob, I got it goin on A nigga that's livin in the city of the criminal zone One-time can't keep the law in order cos everybody's goin crazy for a quarter You're tuned in to the"
  • Closer Than Most - The Beautiful South
    "Well I kept fantasizing your eyes were wide open and it made me long for little last night Yes it was frantic, it was young, it was sweet But a sweet worth every bite Now I'm not normally one to be greedy But"
  • MOST NA KRZYWEJ - happysad
    "Wiem Pewnie spytacie: Czemu to zrobiłem? Czemu znów jestem tu? Czemu w pół drogi zawróciłem? Jak nic, nie powinno mnie tu być Wiem Zrobiłem tych parę głupstw Ale parę głupstw powinno być wybaczone Rano"
  • The Most Wanted - Mondo Marcio
    "(Featuring Tormento) Rit: non voglio pi stare fatto aiutami ad andare in alto non vuoi aiutare un marcio? non vuoi aiutare un marcio? sto sempre a guardare in alto aiutami a fare il salto non vuoi aiutare"
  • Most Lonely Face - Holloways
    "This story's a sad one, the sort that you hear all the time but this time i'll bore you with details and open your mind it's the tale of a young girl who once was the talk of the town The first time"
  • Voted Most Likely - Man Overboard
    "Ruined again, what did I do? I’ve been caught up and distracted by you. I held the moment in the palm of my hand and watched it crumble. I tried to understand how you could be so normal And I could be"
  • The Most Sadistic - Necro
    "(Necro) Yo, yo, yo, check this shit bitch, For all you slime buckets, all over the land, peep it (Necro) Yo, I'm dancin on your grave like Borishnikov I'll rip you off leave you in the desert 'til the"
  • Most Vicious Crime - Sparta
    "Alone, it could be alright I'll make it alright Have to get by Have to get by on my own Today. I found this moment Leaned in and stole it And this is the start This is the start of it all I was born"
  • Italy's Most Wanted - Flaminio Maphia
    "I pi ricercati in Italia questo il fatto quando vedi il nome Flaminio Maphia, perbacco, capirai che parla di noi e di nessun altro forse bene o male sono pronto e scaltro per decidere il giusto dallo"

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