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prwy do lewego

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prwy do lewego
  • Dashboard Confessional I Do
    "Oh love, hang on, Ive gotta say this right 'Cause I only get one shot, Once in my life 'Cause I want to grow old with you And I want you to hold me forever Do you think that you love me? 'Cause I do,"
  • Mark Knopfler Do America
    "Well I have been it every since I was a kid at school Now they love me in Newcastle and in Liverpool I am as hard as a pistol I can't do no wrong I've been in Birmingham and Bristol to play my song Take"
  • Jump5 Do Ya
    "Do you like the freckles on my face Do you like my teeth theyre out of place I'd like to think so Do you like the funny way I speak I dont clean my room for weeks and weeks I'd like to think so Do"
  • Get Set Go Do Over
    "Do Over; Ordinary World; Trk 08 Extra-dimensional asteroids The president's a liar, and the people are all stupid, and no one really gives a fuck; everyone's a racist, everybody is a liar, and everyone"
  • Novastar Do Run
    "do run, do run, do run, do run see how bright you are do run, do run, do run, do run see how bright you are gave it a lot of time so far it's the best that we could do best that we could do do run, do"
  • Toni Braxton Do It
    "no more wondering why he ain’t calling you back lately you don’t get along sick and tired of love you can’t take it no more no need to say you feel some kind of way just do what you need to do just do"
  • Dover Do ya
    "Do you want me around you?Do ya?Or do you want me to vanish?Do ya?Do you want me to stay here?Do ya?Or do you want me to go now?Do ya?Oh! Feel free to come back homeIrradiates! Irradiates!Oh! Feel free"
  • Omarion Do It
    "Do It Yeah Lets Go Whoo This is feelin real good Well you know it feels good to feel good You look familair girl I should remember girl If i ever ran into you Oooh Refresh my memory Ya smile is killing"
  • Buty Do Ruska
    "Do Ruska. Co vime, kam nas osud zavane? Do Ruska, to se mi, doufam, nikdy nestane. Do Ruska, to bych si ze vseho nejvic nepral. Do Ruska, to jsou ty nekonecne roviny. Do Ruska, tam, kde se posunuji hodiny. Do"
  • Ten2five I Do
    "On this bright day I wanna swear I will always be there by your side Yes I promise you babe, that i will always treat you right Cause so many man i know, you're the one that i love so true Every little"

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