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  • Peacehaven Wild Kids - Peter And The Test Tube Babies
    "There's a certain bunch of kids in Peacehaven that we know, cause destuction and chaos everywhere that they go. Been labelled 'the wildkids' by the local press, banned from the youth club 'cos of the"
  • Rotting In The Fart Sack - Peter And The Test Tube Babies
    "It's a cold cold morning, it's warm here in bed. It's time to get up now, I think I'll stay here instead. So I turn on the TV, with my big toe. 'Cos i've got nothing to do, and i've got nowhere to go."
  • Run Like Hell - Peter And The Test Tube Babies
    "I was down the local disco getting' off with this girl., things were going really good, going really well. We was alone in a corner kissing and then I heard, this bloke come up behind me and say .. ""
  • Shitstirrer - Peter And The Test Tube Babies
    "When there's trouble in the air, i'm the bloke who's always there. When loving couples swear and curse, I am there to make it worse. In the shit, I'll drop you right in it, I'm shitstirrer If you"
  • Smash 'N' Grab Raid - Peter And The Test Tube Babies
    "In the early hours walking through the precinct, he's spent all his money and now he's real skint. He sees the video thru' the Hi-Fi shop's doors, the beer in his brain says 'go-on it's yours'. Even"
  • Smiling Through The Tears - Peter And The Test Tube Babies
    "(feat. Olga of Toy Dolls and Campino of Die Toten Hosen) Last time in Germany A 5-1 victory This time it will be better still. Hear the 3 Lions roar Every time England scores We'll take the World Cup"
  • Ten Deadly Sins - Peter And The Test Tube Babies
    "I'm a cowboy, I'm a man. Sometimes it's hard to be true. So when I'm feeling randy, and there's temptation handy. I remember these ten deadly sins. I'll be good to my mum and my papa. 'Cos they've"
  • Transvestite - Peter And The Test Tube Babies
    "Over the hills we go my dear, to my house which is near. It's a little house with red curtained windows, and a fireplace with red gloving cinders. There I'm gonna screw the arse off you. I open the"
  • Trapper Ain't Got A Bird - Peter And The Test Tube Babies
    "Trapper ain't got a bird and we all ain't suprised, 'cos he's really shit ugly and he's got four eyes. He aint got big muscles, he's got no hairy chest, he has to go to bed at seven and he has to wear"
  • Up Yer Bum - Peter And The Test Tube Babies
    "When a cops gonna nick yer, when yer dad's gonna hit yer. When the bird you're with is rough, when you can't drink enough. Up yer bum, up yer bum, up yer bum, up yer bum. Up, up, up, up, up, up yer"

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