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suzi quatro i noris

  • I Don't Care - RxBandits
    "1, 2, 1, 2, ready, go pick it up, pick it up pick it up, pick it up go! go! pick it up, pick it up pick it up, pick it up i got out of Los Al school today and i headed for the girls soccer game there was"
  • I May Be Too Young - Suziquatro
    "Wow! Hey! You heard about Suzi from Baton Rouge? You have? Well let me tell you about her! Yeh ! Well little Suzi was raised at the Baton Rouge Suzi was fooled she was born to lose She could be seen keeping"
  • I Believe - I am Kloot
    "I believe in the hallelujah chorus of the shopping malls we say we cant, we know we shant, well of course we shall Cause I've seen, I believeThat we are forever something which is incomplete we trade ourselves"
  • In I Arms - I. Wayne
    "Searching to find love no hurting she needs kind love certainly ready anytime for divine love I need her in I amrs to charm and keep I warm O and I'll be flowing on and on from dusk till dawn.. She's"
  • I wanna hold your hand - I Against I
    "Oh yeah i'll tell you something, i think you'll understand. whenI say that something, i wanna hold your hand, i wanna hold yourHand, i wanna hold your hand. o please say to me, you'll let meBe your man."
  • I Kill Everything I Fuck - Look What I Did
    "I'm infected with AIDS I fuck every day I kill everything I fuck I'm infected with AIDS I fuck every day I kill everything I fuck I fill you up with my disease Contaminate you with deadly needs My loaded"
  • I Know Too Much - Brokop Lisa
    "(Verlon Thompson/Suzi Ragsdale) You live and learn crash and burn And come out of the ashes even more alive You make your mistakes whatever it takes But know when to hit the brakes and when to let it slide You"
  • Into the I-LAND - I-LAND
    "Let's just try!"
  • I is us - I Mother Earth
    "Even in the wreck house of a promise Even in the gem blow of an awe fist Everyone's an air flow through the blonde dirt Everyone's an asshole in the wonder When every commotion controls my wants I lay"
  • What I Owe - Łona i Webber
    "Niecodzienny ma to wszystko przebieg: ja ten list od ciebie czytam, będąc słów coraz mniej pewien. I z każdym chwilą jakby mniej zachwytu budzi ta mocna forma i ten groźny tytuł. Przy czym główną rolę"

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