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wolf people

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wolf people
  • Tommy Bolin People, People
    "Brother, brother, help me please, I'm as lonely as I can be. All my friends are scaring me, But if you forget me then I will leave. Sister, sister, what can I do? I'm in love with tootsie too. Please"
  • the Getaway People Plastic People
    "Fly fly fly me higher I don't want to come down Tell all the plastic people: take a look around You you can't be me and I can't be you Tell all the plastic faces nothing they can do but: Be yourself be"
  • Kind Of Like Spitting Boy Cries Wolf
    "It's happening again Sorry to say you're just in time when Comedy escapes me I smile I'm doing fine I don't want to scare you Like I've done in the past I'll just keep my mouth shut 'Cause I know it never"
  • Devendra Banhart Hey Mama Wolf
    "When I'm in the woods I know what to call you now When I'm in the woods I know what to call you now Hey Mama Wolf Hey Mama Wolf Well maybe the mountains know what To call you now Maybe the mountains know"
  • Patti Smith Boy Cried Wolf
    "(Smith) Oh the story's told been told retold From the sacred scriptures to the tabloids All the fuss and fight none above a whisper The soul of gold the belly of a boy Well they drew him from the forest Like"
  • Damned Don't Cry Wolf
    "You don't have to listen To what your parents say They don't understand us Their laws we don't obey You can wear what you want There ain't no uniform Go where you want to go Don't stay locked at home Don't"
  • Edward Big Bad Wolf
    "Jesus doen't love you never died for you doesn't care jesus couldn't save you died for his oun sin wasn't pure the preacher man you're just his whore he's your pimp and your mind is a frozen door hey"
  • Satanic Surfers Big Bad Wolf
    "There's nothing wrong with having dreams and trying to fullfill them Cause there's no easy answers, life's a never ending lesson, never know what's around the corner unless we go there and see for ourselves,"
  • Utopia You Cried Wolf
    "You cried wolf once too often You cried wolf, you made me run You cried wolf, I caught you bluffing Youll cry wolf but Ill be gone If you need someone to love You only had to ask Instead you pulled a"
  • Megadeth She-Wolf (instrumental)
    "The mother of all that is evil Her lips are poisonous venom Wicked temptress knows how to please The priestess roars, "get down on your knees" The rite of the praying mantis Kiss the bones of the enchantress Spellbound"

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