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Adrian Trojanowski

  • Peace on earth - Adrian Belew
    "The day is blue, there?s nothing to do But watch the sad review of life going by... All the broken people in a world of hurt And all the hungry people crying in the dirt All the living people dying to"
  • Peaceable Kingdom - Adrian Belew
    "When I wake up in my tree wake up in my bedroom tree a little girl and a parakeet are singing to me My, oh my, what a peaceable kingdom why would I ever wanna leave leave a peaceable kingdom And when I"
  • Phone call from the moon - Adrian Belew
    "Hello, honey, I hope I didn't wake you up, but I had to hear your voice I'm standing in another phone booth, somewhere on the moon I'm alright, I guess, except for all the stuff I miss the things we used"
  • Postcard from holland - Adrian Belew
    "In holland there is a table In front of me With cafe? au lait And some kind of cookie Outside the window There?s a wide and gentle canal Two swans swim in it, In their mirror images They must be in love."
  • Rabbit manor - Adrian Belew
    "Ooh ooh oooh lunch with hugh ooh ooh oooh breakfast too up all night, don't you know in pursuit of the big ego o o o rabbit manor up at rabbit manor ah ah aah new sensation ah ah aah sweet young things"
  • Robobo's beef - Adrian Belew
    "If you watch the news on t.v. it's enough to make you sick. think we need a new solution think we better find it quick 'cause we're in acceleration and there ain't much time to think trigger fingers are"
  • She is not dead - Adrian Belew
    "Come singing, saying praise her beauty lives she is not dead Although I must walk alone I am part of her if I must hurt anything it will not be her Come singing, saying praise her beauty lives she is not"
  • Shoe salesman - Adrian Belew
    "Every now and then You find someone you really like, But sometimes in the end They may not fit you right My baby?s in love with a shoe salesman The man who works down the block Yes, she?s in love for the"
  • Six string - Adrian Belew
    "I saw you the very first time built so pretty you looked just right it was love at first sight I looked real close I touched your arm my heart went off like a fire alarm I was amplified Something happens"
  • Small world - Adrian Belew
    "Someday when I'm flying far away somewhere over Germany someday when you least expect I'll be singing in your hair Once upon a time in a different era when great fat Cadillacs roamed the earth Oh, it's"

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