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Albert vishi new day

  • It's A New Day - The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
    "Sleep deprived, an' fallin' apart. Starin' down your demons out there in the dark. At the end of the tunnel, you can see a light: Well, if that ain't a train, you made it through the night. An' it's"
  • On new year's day - Greg Brown
    "Met a coffinIn the nightOn New Year's dayHum a jazz songAnd turn awayThey said it was a young manOn his wayTo the graveHum a jazz songAnd turn away.There was no loverIn his wakeOn New Year's dayTo hum"
  • A New Day Breaks - Amy Studt
    "Stumbling along down these streets again I can't help myself My pockets are light and so is my heart the lights are growing unbareably bright So wake up you stary skies and dance for me again I'll dry"
  • New Day (Pop Version) - Wyclef Jean
    "(Wyclef) We're gonna take ya back now, come on I like the way this is going down Ladies and gents Yo I'mma do this for the kids check it out Here we go, yo (Wyclef) We don't need no education (yeah) Says"
  • It's A New Day - James Brown
    "Fellas, things done got too far gone. We gotta let the girls know what they gotta do for us! It's done got to be a drag, man, a man can't do nothin' no more! A-ha-ha-ha-ha! It's really a drag! You got"
  • Nuevo Dia (New Day) - Gloria Estefan
    "Va cayendo ya la noche El ano viejo se va Y se lleva los amores Que ya nunca volveran Y se perdonan toditos los errores Y se quiere de verdad Y que me sirvan un trago de Ron Que el ano nuevo me traiga"
  • Same Dress New Day - Tripping Daisy
    "take off your coat your silver is tarnished lady in darkness the cat is old and still keep all your makeup packed on your head invite all the demons the truck stops in the bed you can't rely on a stranger"
  • New moon, different day - The Gathering
    "I'm at the waterside my cold feet are numb and I follow my dream I want to cross I want to get inside The clouds make a circle on the soil that I'm on and I trust what surrounds me I want to cross I break"
  • Frankie & Albert - Jack Johnson
    "Well Frankie and Albert were sweethearts, lordy how they could love. They vowed to love one another, or baith beneith the stars above. It was her man... but he was doing her wrong. Well Frankie went down"
  • Albert Erving - Porter Wagoner
    "On past the Riley Fruit Farm in the country and across the Gundy Hills to Jopin Holler An old man lived alone like a prisoner serving I'd never met a man like Albert Erving Albert never held a woman or"

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