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Big sstar

  • Big Trash - Thompson Twins
    "It's a nightmare, a virgin's dream On the back seat of a limousine It's the fairy lights that light up your hair It's the matt black leather dresses that you wear Big trash Ooh big trash People paying"
  • Big Gun - Twisted Sister
    "(D. Snider) Oh, Saturday night special, little suit me right And it ain't the kinda blade you can use in a fight Made 'em along, well, it's all that I need You can shove it your standards, 'cause I have"
  • Big Enough - Ayiesha Woods
    "You turned water into wine - how extraordinary Gave sight to the blind - and still I carry My own load when you told me To take your yoke 'cause yours is easy And even though my issues seem trivial"
  • Big daddy - Patty Griffin
    "We're rocking big daddyHow bout thatHow bout thatHere he comes againMe and my friendsWe all laugh at himCuz he's so funny Warm and fuzzy We're rocking big daddyHow bout thatA celebration!A celebration!He"
  • Big Time - Trace Adkins
    "Get ready baby, we're going uptown It's friday night, we're gonna get down I thought you might like this brand new baby-blue dress I figured out about a quarter 'til ten We'll be partied out and headin'"
  • Big Eyes - Lana Del Rey
    "(Utwór "Big Eyes" to piosenka, którą artystka napisała dla Tima Burtona, do jego nowego filmu zatytułowanego właśnie "Big Eyes". Film wejdzie do kin w okresie Świąt Bożego Narodzenia w 2014 roku. Obok"
  • Big God - Florence & The Machine
    "you need a big god big enough to hold your love you need a big god big enough to fill you up you keep me up at night to my massages, you do not reply you know I still like you the most the best of the"
  • Big Guns - Skid Row
    "She was a ballerina on a subway train Stiletto heels and a candy cane Looked like a number on a station wall Hot on the tail of a social call I wet my lips I thought I had it made Like Valentino with"
  • Big Jumps - Emiliana Torrini
    "I walked all morning to lift my heart, 'Cause the world keeps dancing with the paperman. I love you never talk in dreams, But now it's here your happiness is real. Oh make some big jumps, big jumps, You're"
  • Big Time - C.C. Catch
    "When I look at you - and everything you do It makes me feel so good inside Big time - anytime you kiss me I feel great Big time - anytime you kiss me I can't wait Can you still remember the things we used"

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