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Chemikals Brother radiate

  • Brother Sport - Animal Collective
    "Open up your Open up your Open up your throat And let the 'oh' Let that 'oh' Let the 'oh' Let them go I know it doesn't get any darker They're taking what you got You gotta open up your throat Matt Open"
  • Brother Dwon - Sam Roberts
    "One life to live but we're doing it wrong You see, got my brother down cause it's nothing to me Everyone saying that it's wrong to cheat But there's no other way to get my life on easy street Someone else"
  • Big Brother - Velcra
    "Oh yeah my big brother, lets take good care of each other I know your motivation is working for a good cause Along the way you're saving us all from a lot of problems Still your words sound like ethnic"
  • Little Brother - Elk City
    "Little brother, how you hide under the covers when you wake me. You like to light a little trouble then you run around the fire. Oh, how you run, it's so exciting. Oh, how you run away. Little brothers,"
  • Oh Brother - Frank Turner
    "I never had a brother, old friend you had three. You always said that if you had another one it would be me. When you come through the flames, not everything has survived; Forget about family now, we've"
  • Baby Brother - Sticky Fingaz
    "(feat. Dave Hollister) Let me call this nigga Come on man; pick up the damn phone Hello I got your pictures, damn we look just alike A younger version of me, half my age same height I played "beat"
  • Brother John - The Bear Quartet
    "every home should be a den but if it's not a home, what happens then? there should not be a dress-code at the table or a must to accomplish things you hate when did it come to all of these chords you"
  • Wolfman's brother - Phish
    "Well many years ago now I really can't be sureThat's when it all began then I heard that knock upon my doorAnd the wolfman's brotherThe wolfman's brotherCame down on meThe telephone was ringing, that's"
  • Brother sister - The Brand New Heavies
    "Don't let your young life get you down It always had a certain mystery Many changes come to everyone About the time that they turn seventeen Grandma said at times you'll feel a sting There'll be sharp"
  • Little brother - 311
    "Hey little brother, you've got so much to discoverCant you conceptualize what youre doing to our motherThose drugs that choose leave you left with the bluesTrust me I've been there to me it's old newsPending"

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