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Cheryll blossom

  • Walking On The Ceiling Of The Sky - Adelphi
    "Inside a seed a thread of life winds oh so aimlessly from breech to breech and in between to rise and blossom oh so gently toward the sky to catch the eye of passersby the colors fade into duller days with"
  • Benzai-Ten - Blackmore's Night
    "Benzai-ten When the sun sets over cherry blossom skies And the twilight fills the air You can see the snow on the mountaintops Through the veil of old Japan' On an island lead by all the ancient ways Just"
  • Ask a woman who knows - Nat King Cole
    "He stays out every night And leaves me all alone He never tells me where he goes Im not the only lonely one Just ask a woman who knows We used to share our troubles And our good times too But now Im left"
  • Catfish Kate - Pixies
    "call me devil call me friend but call me Black Jack Hooligan I came all the way from Aberdeen yto live among the go-betweens let me tell you, tell you about Catfish Kate in the time before when she’s"
  • The Blood Of Vengeance - Virgin Steele
    "We are Descendants of the Ancient Ones The Race beyond the Wanderers of Night Who dwell in the Black Spaces between the Stars From a Time before Time. Long before this current Dynasty of Heaven We Reigned"
  • Dusty Springfield - Dusty Springfield
    "(Blossom Dearie / Norma Tanega) Dusty Springfield, that's a pretty name It even sounds like a game In a green field, hobby horses play the dusty game when it's May Pink and paisley skies shining in green"
  • Small Homeland Mikri Patrida - Haris Alexiou
    "I didn't make long journeys, my years had roots, were trees which my heart dressed in leaves and let them blossom in stone. I didn't make long journeys. The people I loved were forests, my friends were"
  • April In Paris - Billie Holiday
    "Vernon Duke / E. Y. Harburg I never knew the charm of spring I never met it face to face I never new my heart could sing I never missed a warm embrace Till April in Paris, chestnuts in blossom Holiday"
  • Language Barrier - Mike Doughty
    "head down, in the rain don't you think i want you to? let's play telephone i'm the rubber, you're the glue drop this flattened blossom in an envelope and send it to you to fight this the language barrier hey"
  • Sin - Project Pitchfork
    "A star for you Velvet night Now count to eight Everything falls apart You form the wax In my hand Now count to one Blood on the blossom Be yourself No one else Now count to twenty We fall like kings"

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