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Could could could

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Could could could
  • Punchline How Could You
    "How could you do this to me I have you every little thing that I could You had me singing forever Just like I knew you would I refuse to get a grip Whats the point when life is stripped more than it ever"
  • Swingin' Utters Could You Lie?
    "You're saying to me what you hear from all the people cursing in your ear trying out the possibilities of finding in me my worst sense of fear now you're a coward, and you're much too tense and you're"
  • Absynthe Minded It Could Be
    "These are the times I dont get in trouble anymore No mans land was called our ground We landed later on What i want im not sure But ill be the first to know What comes first and who is right And where"
  • Hillsong I could sing
    "Over the mountains and the sea Your river runs with love for me And I will open up my heart And let the healer set me free Im happy to be in the truth And I will daily lift my hands For I will always sing"
  • Alien Ant Farm It Could Happen
    "Technology won't save you or your atmosphere You carry on like nothing's wrong But it could happen here Do you live for love? Do you live for fear? It's on the other side of life but it could happen here "
  • Keith Urban I Could Fly
    "Time stands still for no one I know this is true I've been stuck here waiting Then along came you And you gave me back The love I had The faith I'd lost The life I knew I wanna thank you for the love"
  • Rell Could It Be
    "(feat. Tweet) Started out a boy That didn't know the game So many years I remained the same Used to be a love maker Heartbreaker Major card player Never thought My heart would ever change Since"
  • Letters To Cleo I could sleep
    "It's okay that you forget. It's alright that you don't wanna remember. In your hands you've got a martyr's head, in your mind, I know that's what you wish you were. Turn my blue sky black, you're such"
  • Mario Could U Be
    "Lisa had me thinkin she was the only one for me and Nikki had those angel eyes that change my mind the day she looked at me then out of nowhere you came walking in my life you really blew my mind now i"
  • Bliss 66 If We Could
    "Whos it gonna be, you or me Im the one whos looking and youre the one I see If its meant to be Are you alright, are you okay You know I never thought it would end this way Therell be brighter days When"

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