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Davi Bowie

  • Real Cool World - David Bowie
    "He swivels his head Tears his eyes from the screen As his past puts him back in Atlantic City There's not even a demon in Heaven or Hell Is it all just human disguise? As I walk down the aisle CHORUS "
  • Cactus - David Bowie
    "Sitting here wishing on a cement floor Just wishing that i had just something you wore I put it on when I go lonely Will you take off your dress and send it to me? I miss your kissin' and i miss your"
  • Slow Burn - David Bowie
    "Here shall we live in this terrible town Where the price for our minds shall squeeze them tight like a fist And the walls shall have eyes And the doors shall have ears But we'll dance in their dark And"
  • Afraid - David Bowie
    "I wish I was smarter I got so lost on the shore I wish I was taller Things really matter to me But I put my face in tomorrow I believe we're not alone I believe in Beatles I believe my little soul has"
  • I've Been Waiting For You - David Bowie
    "(I've been looking, I've been looking) (I've been looking, I've been looking) I've been looking For a woman To save my life Not to beg or to borrow A woman with a feeling of loosing once or twice Who knows"
  • I Would Be Your Slave - David Bowie
    "Walking in the snowy street Let me understand Drifting down a silent park Stumbling over land Open up your heart to me Show me who you are And I would be your slave Do you sleep in quietude? Do you walk"
  • No Control - David Bowie
    "Stay away from the future Back away from the light It's all deranged - no control Sit tight in your corner Don't tell God your plans It's all deranged No control If I could control tomorrow's haze The"
  • Algeria Touchshriek - David Bowie
    "My name is Mr. Touchshriek Of Touchshriek with mail over and fantasy My shop sells egg shells off the shesores and empty females I'm thinking of leasing the room above my shop To a Mr. Walloff Domburg A"
  • The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction (As Beauty) - David Bowie
    "I shake And stare at the sun Till my eyes burn I shake At the mothers brutal vermin I shake And stare at the watery moon With the same desire As the sober Philistine And I shake (Turn and turn again) Worm,"
  • Ramona A. Stone / I Am With Name - David Bowie
    "I was Ramona A. Stone I started with no enemies of my own I was an artiste In a tunnel But I've been having a mid-life crisis And I've been dreaming in a sleep And ape men with metal parts I've spat upon"

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