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Eminem - Emilie Sande (Explicit)

  • Detroit Rap City - Eminem
    "[ Chorus - Eminem ] Where's my gangstas and all my thugs? Throw them hands up and show some love And I Welcome u to Detroit City I said welcome to Detroit City Every place everywhere we go Man we deep"
  • My Balls - Eminem
    "[ Intro ] [ Eminem ] Ballz, Ballz, Ballz x2 You'll never touch my... [ Chorus ] [ Eminem ] Catch me if you can but you ain't man enough, You're standin' tough But you know that no matter what You'll"
  • The Conspiracy - Eminem
    "Artist: Eminem Song: The Conspiracy Album: The Conspiracy Theory Mixtape Green Lantern Okay (Yeah) It's about that time again (Haha) Eminem Green Latern (That's Right) G-G-G-G-G Uni-(burp) 50 Cent"
  • We're Still - Eminem
    "Artist: Cali Kings f/ Eminem Peace to Thirstin Howl, A. L., and Wordsworth My mother smoked crack I had a premature birth I'm just a nerve cursed with badly disturbed nerves You wanna be the one"
  • My Fault (Pizza Mix) - Eminem
    "Eminem as Susan (the girl) Eminem as Dave Eminem as John Eminem as Ron Chorus: repeat 2X I never meant to give you mushrooms girl I never meant to bring you to my world Now you sitting in the corner"
  • My Band - Eminem
    "Eminem I don't know dude. I think everyone's all jealous and shit, 'cause I'm like, the lead singer of the band, dude. And I think everybody's got a f**kin problem with me, dude. And they need to take"
  • Crimirnal - Eminem
    "Alot of people ask me, Stupid f**king questions, alot of people think that, what i say on record, or what i talk abouton the record, that i actually, do in real life, or that i believe in it, or if i say"
  • If I Get Locked Up Tonight - Eminem
    "Check Check, 1,2 , 1,2 1,2(it's rolling) Yea yea yea Dr. Dre up in here Y'all know what this is. Its what y'all been waiting for Funk Master Flex, Big Kap, Def Jam Records giving it to you baby. Yo Eminem"
  • Off The Wall (Feat. Redman) - Eminem
    "Yo (Yo) Look! (Yo) (Chorus 1) Eminem- No matter what people say I'm gon' keep rapping this way No matter what you may think I'm gon' keep doing my thing One of the worst things Is fat, bald men decided"
  • Quitter - Eminem
    "(Eminem) Yo.. I dedicate to this.. to yo.. {*imitating Slick Rick*} To all my fans, keepin y'all in health Let's tell this Whitey Ford to go fuck himself Cause it's cruel when you cause a bad heart conditionin which"

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