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Hair - Aquarius

  • Flowers In Our Hair - All About Eve
    "Where have the flowers gone sun-children Your shirts are loud and your hair is long Now do you ever think we'll make it Something more than a uniform And we're almost there We learn to love and we learn"
  • Whipping My Hair Down - Rihanna
    "I just meet infatuation and something in a storm my obsetion is you and i something takes over pulls me in i got youpushing on me on the floor under the burning lights just look behind i dont know where"
  • Put Your Hair Down - Matt Pond PA
    "put your nature in the dirty turn pull it out you found that you've gone bad like stones we dream to only stay asleep there's no forgetting put your hair down, put your hair down it's time to find out"
  • Pearls In Her Hair - Omega
    "1. One day the sun, too tired to shine Slept in the deep, green sombre lake And in the darkness, the world did ail Until she came, for all our sake. R.:Oh that girl with pearls in her hair Is she real"
  • Get In My Hair - Bonnie Pink
    "Whenever I hear someone playing a guitar I just can't help but think of you wherever I am, a cup of morning coffee will suffice for me to miss you all day long all day long Maybe I oughta have not met"
  • DON'T TOUCH MY HAIR - Solange
    "Don't touch my hair When it's the feelings I wear Don't touch my soul When it's the rhythm I know Don't touch my crown They say: “The vision I've found” Don't touch what's there When it's the feelings"
  • Flowers in our hair - IGI
    "Where Have the Flowers Gone Sun-childrenYour Shirts Are Loud and Your Hair Is LongNow Do You Ever Think We'll Make ItSomething More Than a UniformAnd We're Almost ThereWe Learn to Love and We Learn to"
  • Pulling Out My Hair - Starlight Mints
    "You take the time to cut my head off, You take the time to pull off your heart, You take the time to give me a clueless stare, We're going nowhere, pulling out hair You take the time to smother my brains"
  • Blue Coat, Black Hair - We Are The Fury
    "I never told you what you needed to hear that's so untrue you said it never even looked like i cared well, how about you? how could i forget you were the one who jumped the gun? have you thought"
  • Little Bag Of Hair - Mystery Jets
    "Nintendo machines in hospitals are always broken Chewing jay cloths relieves the pain from mouth ulcers I've got a crush on a girl But I'm gonna have to work on that They say that being in the army"

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