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  • Us - INXS
    "(feat. Suzie McNeil) The world is always changing, you can see it every day But in a tragic situation you just can't hide yourself away So try a little kindness cause it sure can't be that hard You're"
  • God's Top Ten - INXS
    "(feat. Suzie McNeil) Romance is gone, he's drifting with the stars The lyric in his pocket, little girl in his heart When you hear his songs on the radio I don't need to tell you what you already know He's"
  • Show Me (Cherry Baby) - INXS
    "Show me, show me Show me how Show me, show me Show me how Oh cherry Oh cherry baby Oh cherry Oh cherry baby Oh cherry Oh cherry baby Oh cherry Oh cherry I found you wanting Like everyone Always trying,"
  • Building Bridges - INXS
    "And where has innocence gone Do we know too much Are you comfortable in your skin When does the strip begin All the words we are fed And the need to belong Cause we can't get connected Baby try Where"
  • Guns In The Sky - INXS
    "See the sound It crashes in, all around It get's in Now take your hands and raise them up Into the air that's all around ya Now bring 'em down Like a clock at two Shake your head You know what to do They"
  • Hear That Sound - INXS
    "So your time has come Children watch the fools Don't let anyone tell you What you must do Do you like what you see Or does it make you cry Use your imagination And start a fire Hear that sound There's"
  • Mediate - INXS
    "Hallucinate Dessegregate Mediate Alleviate Try not to hate Love your mate Don't suffocate on your own hate Designate your love as fate A one world state As human freight The number eight A white black"
  • Elegantly Wasted - INXS
    "Look at all that shines Baby's down on the world and she knows it If your spirit's running Why don't me make it rain like we used to We run We hide We wait and we want The good life Aw sure You're right This"
  • Everything - INXS
    "Yeah, we're not the only ones Who bleed for the love that's lost Trust, like the air we breathe Live, you've got to loose some sleep Everything you do for me Everything I do for you Everything you do"
  • I'm Just A Man - INXS
    "I'm just a man My will is so strong When I've got plans I close my eyes to the pain My mother ran My father left town But we still have what's necessary to go on Flesh and blood Flesh and blood I'm"

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