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Jenny studio killers

  • Born To Lose (Studio) - Ray Charles
    "That's the way you go The city is so cold And i, i'm so sold That's why i go I can't help it Born to lose (x3) Baby i'm born to lose (x2) Nothing to do And nothing to say There's only one thing that i"
  • Bye Bye Love (Studio) - Ray Charles
    "Bye bye love Bye bye happiness, hello loneliness I think I'm-a gonna cry-y Bye bye love, bye bye sweet caress, hello emptiness I feel like I could di-ie Bye bye my love goodby-eye There goes my baby with-a"
  • Unchain My Heart (Studio) - Ray Charles
    "Unchain my heart, baby let me be Unchain my heart 'cause you don't care about me You've got me sewed up like a pillow case but you're lettin my love go to waste so Unchain my heart oh! Please me set me"
  • The Bird (Studio Version) - The Time
    "What time is it? Alright, y'all got 10 seconds to get to the dance floor. Whawk! C'mon now... (chorus) America, have you heard? I got a brand new dance and it's called "The bird" You don't need no finesse"
  • Purified- Bonus Studio Track - Michael W. Smith
    "Verse 1: Where the angels see You are praised as You should be But how can I express My yearning for Your holiness May it be (that) Chorus: I will open up my heart Search me in the deepest part And"
  • Above All (studio Version) - Michael W. Smith
    "Above all powers above all kings Above all nature and all created things Above all wisdom and all the ways of man You were here before the world began Above all kingdoms above all thrones Above all wonders"
  • Bridal Train (Studio Version) - The Waifs
    "A telegram arrived today, it is time to catch the Monteray, cos' the man i wed' he waits for me, and the daughter that he's yet to see, the U.S navy beamed its message, we'll deliver brides on a one way"
  • Cipher Punks (Studio Mix) - Dual Core
    "eighty: Hey I'm int eighty, my memory's flash they call us Dual Core 'cause we got twice as much cache (cash) My freestyle is fast, and the synapses fry go to war with the flames like emacs and vi Push"
  • The Hindu Times (Studio) - Oasis
    "I get up when I'm down I can't swim, but my soul won't drown I do believe I've got flair I've got speed, and I walk on air Cos Give me soul in your rock and roll (babe) Cos Give me soul in your rock and"
  • Now and Forever (Studio) - Air Supply
    "When love is new and the world is out reaching for you We try hard to hold it all in our hands But it slips through like soft drifting sands And drying the tears can build it all like new Now and forever,"

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