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Joseph's coat

  • As With Gladness - State Radio
    "As with gladness men of old did the shining world behold. And so she took us down to the water's edge. Said if we are not, careful with what we do, We will reach a final end. She gave him everything, But"
  • Sad If I Lost It - Guided By Voices
    "Catch me as an animal And now gone kissing But soon be missing home And waving at waterfalls Too strong not to mention With tempting extentions unknown Oh, this time I really mean that A cracking coat"
  • Wingtip Repair - Guided By Voices
    "A broken leg drags in the left lane His painkillers turn to sugar So he finds the address in his coat " this is wink " This is the way first We make life shiny - just don't move And you will be a"
  • Dust of ages - eels
    "This is the dayThat i give myself up coldThe dust of ages Settles on your daysAnd so you shake your coat offAnd get on your wayBloodshot and tremblingA new day has begunThe dust of agesSettles on your"
  • Umbrellas - Polly
    "Umbrellas! Umbrellas! Umbrellas! Umbrellas! It's raining on the houses And It's raining on the trees. It's raining on my shoulders And it's raining on my knees It's raining and it;s raining But I'm not"
  • Breathe Life - Jack Garratt
    "I wouldn't compliment myself for what I've become Tell her I owe it to her Tell her I owe it to her I wouldn't praise myself for every good thing I've done Tell her I owe it to her Tell her I owe it to"
  • The Brothers Come To Egypt/Grovel, Grovel - Andrew Lloyd Webber
    "''' ''' So back in Canaan the future looked rough Jacob's family were finding it tough ''' ''' For the famine has caught us unprepared We are thin, we are ill, we are getting scared It's enough to make"
  • Lullaby Of Clubland - Everything But The Girl
    "How much of yourself do you give away After someone's left your life in disarray? It still hurts But it won't show Because I'm too proud So you're never ever gonna know. I'm on the dark side of the street, Not"
  • Jumpin' Jonah - Slapp Happy
    "Oh get down Mother Mary get down Mother Mary Mother Mary please get down, yeah Well get down Mother Mary get down Mother Mary Mother Mary better get down Well you're too ??????? just admit to a child Now"
  • The Doctor Is Calling - Megadeth
    "The doctor is calling Something's gone wrong Nowhere do I belong I listen to the voices in the dark room Something's going down But I can't make a sound Looking past the bars of my mind The coat"

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