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Kubi Producent - Pozdro ft. ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������abson, Sapi Tha King

  • King - Tunng
    "Four foot nothing knees stained with dirt When we went hiding why don't you seek? No one came looking for me Your head restless with greed She carried on shoulders like a little king She is worshipped"
  • King - King's X
    "You are the one who causes me pain You are the one who causes me grief You are the one who lied to me It won't be long soon you will see King is coming... You are the one who magnifies hate You are the"
  • King - Slick Rick
    ""I'm the king, I'm the king, I'm the king" - Run-D.M.C. Is there a party over here, wit no guns and knives gettin in Now let and best, get sweat the life threatnin Nettin is suggestin, guest do the"
  • King - Eluveitie
    "I high king Sovereign and servant Holder of divine Regality bestowed In the omphalos grove My king ship The song of the gods Thou shalt know me by my fruits The abundance in which we grew The sings and"
  • King - Van Canto
    "The night is about to fall. Never surrender' - I still hear them call. Images (are) passing by. I must watch him waving a last goodbye. It's not that he's gone away. It's the secure feeling he will not"
  • King - Fireball Ministry
    "if i was listening and knew i shouldn't be made all the threats again the pain is deafening the jury couldn't win and put the verdict in like many times before they closed the coffin door leave"
  • King - Fingertight
    "I've spoken to the king today, He said his mind was made up, Disloyal to a mutiny, These were the troubles better, I watched him let his sheep astray, They washed his feet not his hands, The grasp you"
  • King - A.O.N.
    "Intro: Yea you know who's back on the track, It's A.O.N. Gettin ready to drop you another hot track again I get angry And let all these flows come out me Touch the pen to the pad And show all yall why"
  • king - be vis
    "widzę obraz inny maluje rękami mistrza kiedyś ze kantona teraz bliżej do kinga to moja zielona mila choć mi wychodzą wyjścia w sklepie z marzeniami mam mercedes i moja familja przez co nie śpię halo,"
  • King - Marillion
    "(Hogarth/Kelly/Mosley/Rothery/Trewavas) How long can you stand Tightening up Avoiding the fight Avoiding the truth Tighten the smile Tighten the lie Will you get what you want To be cursed with your dreams I"

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