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  • A Needle Through The Heart - A Beginnings End
    "This ignorance is catching up with meDragging me down, disrupting my thoughts constantlyI'm sick of these games, I don't know what to doI'll somehow find that way to disappoint you(Like a needle through"
  • My Mind Is A Pussy - Black Bomb A
    "Born in a world of violoence and anger All this fucking shit's raping my desire I just wanna fuck everybody who's moving up Sexual perversion, I want to be da number one Born in a world of violence and"
  • A Different Kind Of Love - A Cursive Memory
    "The wind felt like a frail storm With the chimes still singing the summer's born Say goodbye to the rest of the rain We ran until there was no daylight When the sun went down and day turned to night The"
  • Diary Of A Madman/Lovesong - A Perfect Circle
    "Diary of a Madman / Lovesong Lyrics Screaming at the window Watch me die another day Hopeless situation Endless price I'll have to pay Diary of a madman Walk the line again today Entries of confusion Dear"
  • The Boy Without A Demon - A Skylit Drive
    "What is that name on your lips? Is it from the other side? Don't lie. As the weather sheds its worst rain, It marks the December when I left here pale and alone. Her last breath gave in so fast, She led"
  • A Reason For Broken Wings - A Skylit Drive
    "The battle loves to choose its fights Collapse the sight of soldiers eyes Bombs cascading over me May my body rest in pieces Spring mourning rain Heal the wombs in me On me The battle is one Im now coming"
  • Living In A Box - Living In A Box
    "Woke up this morning Closed in on all sides Nothing doing I feel resistance As I open my eyes Someone's fooling I've found a way to break Through this cellophane line Cause I know what's going"
  • Entombment Of A Machine - Job For A Cowboy
    "It bleeds! It breathes! What stands before us, is not a machine It breathes, it will bleed and it (will) dream! (Scream) Its body is covered in hundreds of wires And a mouth that attempts to speak,"
  • On a sunny Day - A blue Ocean Dream
    "And all the things that I forgot to say Ill make it up to you on a sunny day Everytime I think of you My heart beats just like a drum To the tune to the melody It sticks just like bubblegum And all"
  • Heartbeat Like A Drum - A Flock Of Seagulls
    "(w: M.Score m: M.Score, A.Score, F.Maudsley) like a drum like a drum every time you walk on by I got a sight high you make my heart beat like a drum (heartbeat heartbeat heartbeat) every time you look"

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