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Seether Tonight

  • Tonight - Terry Lee Hale
    "Say no more, I'll take the chance You've had your share I know But I'm not that kind of man I'll take care And besides, I've got a different kind of plan Why don't we just hold hands? Not forever and a"
  • Tonight - David Phelps
    "Kings and shepherds make their way Straight to where a baby lay. Rich and poor and lonely Bow before this sight. A star has led them to this place. The Word thats been echoing through space Becomes a child"
  • Tonight - Staind
    "Just try to understand This isn't what I planned This ride's out of my hands So now I'm forced to be Something I can not be If only I could make you see Tonight I'm alive I've watched you all grow up"
  • Tonight - Lykke Li
    "Watch my back so I make sure You're right behind me as before Yesterday, the night before tomorrow Dry my eye so you won't know, dry my eye so I won't show I know you're right behind me Don't you let"
  • Tonight - Kutless
    "I hear the voice of thousands all gathered here Are they just a noise soon lost in air Or is there more, is there more You life uour hands up high reaching to the sky Is there a reason can, can you tell"
  • Tonight - Novice
    "Speak to me alone And tell me everything that's on your mind This could change everything And I can't let this go (let this go) You've been holding this for quite some time (Will you wait for me?) So tell"
  • Tonight - Boyce Avenue
    "The cars pass by outside From one sign to the next She tries to listen, tries to care Pretending he knows best Shes afraid of what shes done Not knowing what it is She prays for something, prays for his"
  • Tonight - Terminal Choice
    "I see darkness around me Where ever I go The trees are dying I want you to know Empty spaces in the silence of the night A cold wind is blowing Hurts me inside Everywhere people are crying Especially tonight I"
  • Tonight - Superstar
    "Oh don't, don't cry a tear When you're alone, with all your fearsOh I, I'll be with you If you go straight and feeling blue'Cause I'll give you hope and I'll show you love I'll give it all, you can't get"
  • Tonight - Lucie Silvas
    "Written by: Lucie Silvas & Ian Lewis I've been wondering around thinking what I should do And everytime that I chased, was everytime that I'd lose Now I know we've been right her before But that shouldn't"

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