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Straight otta compton

  • Straight Shot - Subdudes
    "Here I am in my four corner cageI need the love that my momma gaveback then at that tender agewhen my daddy used to call me babe Didn't have to run for love Didn't have to run for love Sometimes I get"
  • Straight A's - Dead Kennedys
    "Sixteen, on the honor roll I wish that I was dead Parents hate me, I got zits And bruises 'round my head Pressure's on to get good grades So I can be like them Do my homework all the time I can't go"
  • Straight spittin' - Fabolous
    "Fabolous: I cant deny it U a dick rider U can never flow like me Blow like me, y would a bitch like ya? When they can see that I\'m a fucking rider , u a Hitch-hiker U never seen a coup that gone a-robbin"
  • 2 Nigs United 4 West Compton - Prince
    "Serve it up, Frankie This is precisely what I intend 2 do, honey Honey, do U know I let Robert cut my hair this morning? (Honey, look at this one here) (I'm lookin' Joe tryin' 2 see) Oh girl, where'd"
  • Straight Cold Player - Lenny Kravitz
    "I'm a straight cold player Just a straight cold player Straight cold prayer Ouah ! Just a straight cold player Just a straight cold player Straight cold player Ouah! I'm a straight cold player I'm just"
  • Straight To Hell - Ozzy Osbourne
    "alright now come on, now! you’re lying higher than a kite tonight you touch the hit and now you feel alright you’re dance be death so we must celebrate I’ll make you cream I’ll make you defecate Straight"
  • Get It Straight - Speak No Evil
    "broke out of line is your day to day nightmare better than before gotta commit to do what you set out for and even up the score so get your head straight motherfucker get your head on straight ,yea so"
  • Royal Straight Flush - Banda Conexao
    "Vou jogar outra rodada, porque essa deu em nada Talvez eu roube um pouco, e leve essa bolada Só falta uma carta, agora tudo ou nada Mas se me der o s de espadas, eu te cubro de porrada Dez de paus Valete"
  • Straight To Hell - Josh Rouse
    "(words by The Clash) If you could play on the fiddle Hows about a British jig and reel? Speaking King's English in quotations As railheads pound The steel mills rust Water froze In the generation Clear"
  • Straight To Hell - Heather Nova
    "If you can play on the fiddle How's about a british reel? Speaking in quotation As railhead towns feel the steel Water froze Clear as winter ice This is your paradise There ain't no need for you There"

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