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  • Bleed Me Dry - Redemption
    "Bind to me keep me in the shadows of your life Terrified frightened I might step into the light Drinking deep from wells of bitterness within your soul Holding fast to self-deluding visions of control You're"
  • Dry Riser Inlet - Pitchshifter
    "Grating, scratching- desperate sounds. Feels like this - spineless . Hope versus hope, it's inside. Pure hate pure love all there. Gritter, feels like this. Drag your nails, feel the sound. "
  • Freeze Dry Seal - Stone Sour
    "My face is horrid and Im constantly slouching My place is lower and Im constantly crouching I dont believe it I saw the man again And he wont hear a word I say I have delusions so Im constantly shouting I"
  • High And Dry - Angels
    "(Brewster) The man you all expected was never to be become a junkie, become a walking souvenir become a weatherproof genie you wanted something so bad, out in the rain I need action, I need time to get"
  • Sucker and dry - Cursive
    "Everything is all right here,All clear, get yourself another We'll stay up all nightAnd toast to friends we never had.Stranger angels have snuck around this tableBut they disappearSo how did we end up"
  • River, run me dry - Dido
    "A thousand faces on a gray gray day A million houses under dull dull sky So much noise and so little time Oh, river, run me dry A natural world with these strange man's laws Go back home and lock your"
  • Hung Out To Dry - Fu Manchu
    "those things I see they pass me by Been hung out to dry those things you say those things you try been hung out to dry one more time one more time one more time been hung out to dry one more time one"
  • Valley Of Dry Bones - Sadus
    "Valley of dry Bones Bless the Land Arise come together Bone to Bone Fusion of Flesh to Bone Sand becomes the Blood of Man Do it because I say you will Repent to thee or turn to Dust Just like the Sand There'll"
  • Hang Me Up To Dry - Cold War Kids
    "Careless in our summer clothes splashing around In the muck and the mile Careless in our summer clothes splashing around In the muck and the mile Fell asleep with stains Cake deep in the knees What a"
  • High And Dry Again - Sammy Hagar
    "You breathe so hard; come on, bother me. Fill me up with ectasy. It's all about control, bein' satisfied. I need some help; don't be leavin' me... You're leavin' me... High and dry again; I don't"

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