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Tante muda

  • Swampland - Nick Cave
    "Cave Nick Miscellaneous Swampland Quixanne, ah'm in its grip Quixanne, ah'm in its grip Sinken in the mud Patron-saint of the Bog. They cum with boots of blud Wit pitchfawk and with club Chantin out mah"
  • Cause - All
    "Up from the mud one seed four seasons, just because is good enough of a reason every pain you've ever known was coaxing diamonds out of coal have no fear at all you have a soul, it can't be owned, take"
  • 'Cause - All
    "Up from the mud, one seed, four seasons Just because is good enough of a reason Every pain you've ever known Was coaxing diamonds out of coal Have no fear at all You have a soul, it can't be owned Take"
  • Whiskey On The Rocks - AC/DC
    "AC/DC Ballbreaker Whiskey On The Rocks I've drinkin' all night long So long baby, I'm gone Bloody Mary, give me shivers from a shot Set up the shooters, it's time for a drop Old Jamaica, runnin' we come Down"
  • No Condemnation - All Together Seperate
    "All Together Seperate All Together Seperate No Condemnation Like mud in the bottom of a cup of solid gold, A stain upon the pure, but a veil to cover the soil From His life I learned perfection, but His"
  • Four year sold - Adam Sandler
    "ADAM SANDLER Miscellaneous Four year sold Hey Why'd you wake me from my nap? I'm not in the mood To play your games Or sit on your lap You Where's my Yankees drinking glass? I want some juice And I want"
  • Prison - All
    "All Miscellaneous Prison mommy and daddy had a lock and key. so she went over the wall and she was finally free. she wants to know "why did the tv tell those lies? it lied to me?". i said"
  • Whiskey Lullabye - Alison Krauss
    "Alison Krauss Mud On The Tires Whiskey Lullabye : she put him out like the burning end of a midnight cigarette she broke his heart he spent his whole life trying to forget we watched him drink his pain"
  • No Place To Hide - Alison Krauss & Union Station
    "When I was a traveler I used to love to watch the rain I'd stand under the downspout Let the water cool my brain I never thought to worry If the river rose too high That all the seeds we planted Would"
  • No Condemnation - All Together Separate
    "Like mud in the bottom of a cup of solid gold A stain upon the pure but a veil to cover the soil From His life I learned perfection but His death gave even more It's like a diamond promise and His love"

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